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At IFA 2018, Samsung announced its first 8K TV that’s due for commercial release by the end of September 2018. The Q900R QLED TV will be available in 65-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch, and 85-inch sizes for a yet undisclosed price (which you probably won’t be able to afford anyway).

Earlier at CES 2018, Samsung demonstrated Q9S 8K concept TV that relied on the same content upscaling technology as Q900R.

The display on Q900Rs has impressive 4000 Nits brightness and like every Smart TV, Samsung launched in 2018, these too support the latest HDR 10+ standard that brings some advanced features of Dolby Vision to open HDR platform.

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Should you buy an 8K TV?

HDR 10+ content can be sourced from Amazon’s Prime Video (More than 100 TV shows and movies available), but there is absolutely no way you can get 8K native content that takes full advantage of Samsung’s new 8K QLED TV.

Which is why Samsung is focusing on content upscaling technology. The Q900R has an 8K AI upscaling engine that uses AI and a dedicated chipset to upscale content to 8K regardless of the resolution of the source feed. Of course, we’d be immensely surprised if this works as advertised.

Till 8K content becomes mainstream, we don’t see any reason for why you should go out of your way to buy this. Besides, doubling Pixel count from 4K to 8K won’t have that big an impact in an average sized living room. Perhaps higher resolution will make the HDR 10+ content feel more vibrant?

But, yes, of course, Samsung obviously knows this is an item for early adopters and not for the mass market. Which brings us back to its expectedly exorbitant price. We will know when the TV is up for purchase.


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