Samsung’s Ballie Makes An Appearance At The CES 2024 – With A Projector

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At the Consumer Electronics Show 2024, the Korean tech giant showed the Ballie robot – again. However, this time, the robot has an in-built projector that can project several screens on the floor, a wall, or a ceiling. Samsung has also uploaded a teaser for the device on its official YouTube channel. The video shows what Ballie can do in a rather fun way. However, we still don’t know whether the robot will make it to the market.

Ballie Could Support Inputs Via Test And Voice

Ballie Could Support Inputs Via Test And Voice

The first thing the video shows is an app that allows users to interact with the robot, which clicks a video of the user’s pet dog and sends it over. Then, the user asks the robot to feed the dog some snacks and play his favorite video. Responding to this, Ballie goes to a smart dog food dispenser and takes remote control over the device. Then, it projects a video on the floor for the dog to watch.

It Doubles As A Smart Home Control Device

The next part of the video shows how Ballie can take control of other smart home devices, like lights, air conditioners, laundry machines, etc. When the user arrives home, the smart robot projects a welcome message on the floor. Ballie can also listen to voice commands, like other voice assistants we use, with the wake phrase “Hey Ballie.”

The In-Built Projector Seems Futuristic, But We Don’t Have Any Details About It Yet

Ballie's in-built projector projecting a screen on a wall

It can also help to project video calls on a larger screen, take voice calls, act as a second screen (as shown in the video), and be a workout companion that showcases the correct form via videos on the wall and keeps track of the activity. Last but not least, the robot can follow users around with in-built wheels. Toward the end of the video, Ballie projects a celestial image on the ceiling as the users go to bed.

Samsung Is Yet To Disclose The Price And Availibility For The Product

Moreover, Ballie looks like a fun, little smart assistance with wheels that can help users control their home devices and perform other tasks like making/answering calls, playing videos, listening to music, etc. However, the only problem is that Samsung showcased an older version of the same robot at CES 2020, but it never came out. Further, the teaser only shows the use cases of the device, leaving its price or availability.

Nonetheless, we already have some similar robotic home assistants in the market, such as Amazon Astro, which costs $1,599 in the United States. Since Samsung’s Ballie has an in-built projector, there’s a good chance that it could cost the same.

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