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Microsoft has been the boat toppling in the middle of a sea storm. It had to face the software bases rivalry from Google’s Android and then in the smartphone segment, Apple has been providing Microsoft a tough time. This time Microsoft seems to act really smart as it plans to make Windows available for Android devices rather than focusing on adding devices to its catalog. This is about the new deal between Samsung and Microsoft according to which, Samsung will land its smartphones with pre-loaded Microsoft apps. This team work between Samsung and Microsoft really be a head turner and a real matter of concern for Google.


Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge come with Microsoft apps OneNote, OneDrive, and Skype, with 100GB of free storage on OneDrive. Samsung has confirmed that it will go further with Microsoft and provide their apps preloaded in tabs. These Microsoft apps will include PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Word, Excel, and Skype. On top of that, Samsung’s enterprise devices will offer three versions of Office 365 and the Korean company’s own KNOX security software.

“Great things happen when you converge services and devices. Our partnership with Samsung is emblematic of our efforts to bring the best of Microsoft’s productivity services to everyone, on every device – so people can be productive wherever, however and whenever they want.”, Peggy Johnson, executive vice president of business development, Microsoft. This deal between Samsung and Microsoft can set new trends in the software market and can pose some incredibly serious competition against the tech giant, Google. And Microsoft should happily be engaged in this deal, for this could just be the moment that it wanted to get a head start and rise up in the charts against Google.




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