Samsung’s A series phones have always been bringing down high-end features to a budget price. If the recent rumors are true, the upcoming A series (2018) phones are going to be very exciting. The leaked schematics of the Galaxy A8 reveal that the phone will include an Infinity display and fingerprint sensor on the rear.

What’s interesting in Galaxy A8, A7, A5 (2018)?

  • The new A-series phones will have an 18:9 infinity display, a feature that’s become increasingly common these days, but one that Samsung is still reserving for its high-end S-series phones.
  • Since there will be no room on the front, the fingerprint sensor will be shifted to the rear. However, what’s interesting is that the fingerprint sensor will be present below the camera button, which is to say it will be more accessible than it currently is on S8 Plus and on Note 8.
  • And they will also have the Bixby button.

Now I am sure many of you would count the third point as a disadvantage, but after experimenting with Bixby Voice, we feel that this is indeed something that can be beneficial. Bixby has a better control of your phone’s hardware and thus you can use voice commands for things like turning on Bluetooth or Blue light filter. Other Bixby features like Bixby vision will also get better with time.

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Samsung Galaxy A-series (2018) Specifications

Leaked Geekbench scores point out that Samsung will be using Exynos 7885 chipset on the new A-series phones, which is a 14nm Chip with 2x Cortex-A73 cores and 6x Cortex A53 cores. The Chinese variants, however, will employ the Snapdragon 660.

Samsung will also be increasing RAM (4GB to 6GB) and Storage capacities as compared to the last generation models.

Samsung A-series (2018) Launch Date

Samsung A-series (2018) phones – A5, A7, and A8 – are expected to go official in February early next year.


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