Samsung India is preparing to further boost its portfolio in the country. If industry rumors are true, the Korean tech giant is all set to launch a new C series which will cater to the budget smartphone users. The company primarily targeting China and India with this new series. As per the reports, Samsung will unveil Galaxy C series In China next month followed by a launch in India.

As per the claims, the Galaxy C will be an addition to existing Samsung budget portfolios like Galaxy J, Galaxy E, and Galaxy A. The upcoming C-series device is expected to be priced at $170.

Samsung J3

Interestingly, Samsung India has shifted its focus back to low budget segment only a few week after launching a smartphone for Indian riders – the Galaxy J3. The phone was studded with a feature called S-bike mode which was designed to change the way regular bike commuters communicate on their two-wheeler.

The S-bike mode can be conveniently toggled on by a simple tap on the NFC tag that comes bundled with the device. Once the S-bike mode is active all callers will hear an automated message explaining that the owner is riding and not free to take calls. Urgent calls can still get through at callers discretion.


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