Augmented Reality (AR) is considered the next big thing in the world of tech. We are leading to a spatial computing world wherein smartphones and various extended reality technologies (which include AR) will go hand-in-hand. As such, we have seen wearables from several brands (both in reality and concept). A new entrant in the race seems to be Samsung, which is said to be in the R&D phase developing AR glasses.

A video posted from a Twitter handle WalkingCat showcased a clip, more of a promotional type, teasing ‘Samsung Glasses Lite’. Also, the tipster later posted another video showing ‘Samsung AR Glasses’ loaded with some exciting features. However, it seems like Samsung is working on a concept model and the commercial version might take time.

Samsung AR Wearables: What we know so far

The videos earlier posted online aren’t currently available but 9to5Google has managed to capture some screenshots. The device is dubbed Samsung Glasses Lite.

The first video showcases the smart glass with a transparent screen encased around thick white frames. The regular glasses have a panel inside to work as a display.

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Source: WalkingCat/Twitter via PhoneArena

The featured person can be seen playing a car-game using a controller. The video shows a Galaxy Watch connected with the Glasses Lite to switch between different operations. The person is handling a physical keyboard while using the glasses as a PC display. It can apparently be converted to Sunglasses mode too that turns the glasses into a tint shade. There appears to be a Video Call mode as well.

Source: WalkingCat/Twitter via 9to5 Google

Then there is a second video, which presents a series of promising features of Samsung AR Glasses, that are similar to Microsoft HoloLens 2. This includes – AR Office, Holo Call, and AR Simulation. AR Office will let wearers use a projected keyboard; Holo Call can enable a full-body virtual meeting, and AR simulation can provide a virtual environment.

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Once AR technology becomes an accessible thing, we might see and experience next-gen spatial computing which is currently limited to Sci-Fi novels and movies.


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