Samsung Galaxy S7, which is expected to arrive in March next year, will include 3D touch, as per reports from Wall Street Journal.  The pressure sensitive touch display in smartphones first materialized with Huawei Mate S, but was made popular by iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Besides pressure sensitive display, S7 will also include fast charging USB Type C port and MicroSD card slot, reports the news paper.

This isn’t exactly surprising or new, as we saw the same adoption curve for iTouch or fingerprint sensor in Android realms. Soon after Apple included a fingerprint sensor in iPhone 5s, Samsung implemented a half-backed biometric scanner in Galaxy S5 side by side, which was far from perfect. After a series of horrible fingerprint sensors, the features actually adds to user convenience and is set to become mainstream in 2016.

s6 edge

Anyways, we do hope 3D Touch implementation is perfect from the start. So far practical usage reviews for 3D Touch remain polarized. Some people are mesmerized by it, while most others condemn it as something you will use a few times and forget. On iOS there are several apps which take advantage of this new dimension of user interaction. 3D Touch will survive and trickle down to mid-range phones at a fast pace, only if developers manage to make it irresistibly desirable.

Earlier leaked renders suggest that Samsung isn’t aiming for a major design over-haul with Galaxy S7. Samsung will release different variants of Galaxy S7 with varying sizes and glass technology.




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