Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Specs

Galaxy Fold was an innovative piece of hardware from Samsung. Although it suffered a troubled start, the South Korean giant managed to release a phone that’s still coveted by tech enthusiasts half a year later. Well, as it seems, the successor is en route.

Yes, probably months ahead of its launch (Q2, 2020), we now have specs leaks and design renders of the Fold 2. The latest set of specifics come from a company called Display Supply Chain Consultants, or DSCC. Even though the details are limited and preliminary, let’s get on what we have.

Galaxy Fold 2 Expected Specs

The Fold 2 is rumored to sport a 7.59-inch flexible AMOLED main panel display with 2213 x 1689 resolution and 372 PPI pixel density. Like the newest S20 (review) phones, this handset is going to flaunt a 120Hz refresh rate screen.

Interestingly enough, the source also suggests we might get an LTPO backplane technology within the Fold 2 display. What is that you may ask?

We have seen LTPO tech inside Apple Watch Series 5. It ramps up refresh speed when you interact with the screen and when left idle, the auto-refreshing gets curtailed to once a minute or so.

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Well, what this means for you is a dynamic refresh rate, a better energy-efficient screen and perhaps, finer always-on-display.

One feature it will inherit from the Galaxy Z is Ultra-Thin Glass with an improved scratch-resistant plastic layer on top. This tougher screen is meant to act as a canvas for S Pen. Yeah, you could look forward to a foldable phone with a stylus.

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It will apparently have a right-edged punch-hole camera inside and an Infinity-O cutout on the cover display. We have learned that the front camera could be a 10MP or 40MP sensor. But, we are not sure whether which camera gets which sensor.

Swivel to the back, and there you may expect the S20+ camera stack, ie., a 12MP primary sensor, 64MP telephoto sensor, 12MP ultrawide sensor, and a TOF sensor.

Moving inward, you may find a Snapdragon 865/ 865+ chip, coupled with a high capacity battery lying somewhere in the 4500 to 5000mAh bracket. Citing battery health and heating concerns, this phone’s likely to support 25W fast charging only. Being a top-end device, both wireless and reverse charing is very much expected.

The Fold 2 would be available in 256/512GB storage units. Finally, it might be unveiled in multiple colors and materials such as Martian Green, Astro Blue, Ceramic and Stainless Steel.

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As stated early on in the article, these details are based on leaks and rumors. Thus, you are advised to take them with a grain of salt. Still and all, the specs look promising. And we harbor an optimistic outlook for the future of foldable phones in general.


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