Reliance Jio vs Airtel vs Vi: 2GB/day Recharges Compared

Gone are the days when a few megabytes (MBs) of data were enough to watch a YouTube video. With the advent of the internet and our dependence on it, data consumption is on the rise, especially after Reliance Jio entered India offering a tonne of free data on a daily basis for an initial couple of months. In order to adapt to the changed requirements of the user base in India, Telecom carriers have come a long way from 2GB a month to 2GB a day which sums up to a 56GB of monthly data availability (given that telcos have altered their recharges from a month to 28 days).

In India, three of the biggest telecom carriers are Reliance Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone Idea (Vi) after the latter merged last year. With that being said, it’s time to compare popular 2GB/day recharges from these three carriers across 28 days, 54 days, and 84 days to give you an idea of which telco serves the best value to money recharges to its customers.

Note: For those who are unaware (which is rare), telcos use 28 days instead of 30 days because that’s how they can ensure a 13th recharge cycle in a year. It means instead of 12 recharges with a validity of a month each, now you have to do 13 recharges to cover the same annual validity.

Jio vs Airtel vs Vi: 2GB/day Plan with 28 Days Validity

Reliance Jio: It has a 2GB/day plan for 28 days at 299/-. It includes 100 SMS a day, unlimited phone calls by default, and access to Jio Complimentary apps such as JioTV, JioCloud, etc. Of course, there’s 2GB of data available on a daily basis which means you are getting 56GB of data a month capped at an allowance of 2GB/day.

Airtel: One of the oldest telecom carriers in India, Airtel has a 28-day 2GB/day plan at INR 319 that gives you access to unlimited calls, 100 SMS/day, and access to Wynk Music, and Hellotunes among others. There’s an alternative 2GB/day 28-day plan as well at 359/- where you can have additional access to Xstream Mobile Pack and Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition.

Vi: After Vodafone merged with Idea, Vi now has a monthly recharge of 319/- for 31 days where you will get 2GB/day. Apparently, Vi gives you 31 days instead of 28 days which is better than paying for an additional monthly recharge at the end of the year. There’s an INR 359/- recharge available with 28-day validity that gives access to Amazon Prime Video Mobile and Xsteam Mobile Pack available onboard.

It goes without saying, both Vi and Airtel offer a per day cost of 10.3/- for the monthly recharge while Jio costs you 10.67/day. Additionally, there’s an INR 499/- pack available across the three telecom carriers where you get access to a Disney+ Hotstar subscription for a year.

Reliance Jio vs Airtel vs Vi: 2GB/day Recharges Compared

Jio vs Airtel vs Vi: 2GB/day Plan with 56 Days Validity

Reliance Jio: To begin with, Reliance Jio has a 56-day recharge of INR 533/- and INR 799/- that offers 2GB/day along with 100 SMS/day, unlimited phone calls along with access to Jio’s complimentary apps. If you go for the expensive INR 799 recharge, you also get a 1-year Disney+ Hotstar subscription worth INR 499 free of cost.

Airtel: Airtel users can get their hands on 2GB/day of data for 56-days at INR 549/- along with 100 SMS/day. You will also get access to both Prime Video Mobile and Xstream Mobile Pack for 56 days along with Wynk Music, Hellotunes, and 24×7 Circle.

Vi: If you are a Vi user, you have options between INR 533 and INR 539 plans where you get everything from unlimited calls for 56-days, 2GB/day, and 100 SMS/day among others. The distinction here is, that Vi offers Weekend data rollover along with free internet between 12 am to 6 am for those who want to use Vi’s strong 4G network during nighttime.

Jio vs Airtel vs Vi: 2GB/day Plan with 84 Days Validity

Reliance Jio: Moving on to the 84-day recharge (which is basically three months of recharge), you will have to pay INR 719/- on Reliance Jio to get 100 SMS/day, 2GB/day, and unlimited calls including roaming calls. There’s another plan with 84-days validity i.e. INR 1,066/- where you get a 1-year subscription to Disney+ Hotstar. Apart from that, you get 5GB of additional data although the latter could be time-limited.

Airtel: Airtel, on the other hand, has a slightly expensive recharge at INR 839 with a validity of 84 days. Here, you get access to 2GB/day, 100 SMS/day, unlimited calls, Airtel Xtream Mobile bundle, Disney+ Hotstar subscription for three months, INR 100/- FASTag cashback, and more. With these freebies along the way, it is certainly an impressive choice to make if you are an Airtel user.

Vi: Moving on Vi, you get an Airtel-like INR 839 that has the same features as the INR 539 plan you read in the 56-day validity section. There are unlimited calls, 100 SMS/day, 2GB/day, weekend data rollover, Vi Movies access, 2GB data backup, free internet from 12 am to 6 am, and a lot more.

Although Reliance Jio’s 84-days 2GB/day recharge is cheaper, it doesn’t come with the freebies that both Airtel and Vi offer while you pay just a tad bit more.


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