The Xiaomi’s image received another dent on Sunday when the news of an explosion in its popular smartphone Redmi Note 4 surfaced on the internet. The news went viral on as there are more than 5million users on the Redmi Note 4.

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The entire episode happened when Bhavana Suryakira who was carrying the Redmi Note 4 in his pocket. Allegedly, the smartphone burst into flames leaving serious injuries on the owner’s thighs. The event took place in Ravulapalem in Andhra Pradesh’s East Godavari district.

Xiaomi has immediately called for an investigation and has also contacted the Suryakishan to procure the damaged product to further probe the matter.

Responding to the news, Xiaomi’s spokesperson said, “We take such matters seriously as customer safety is of utmost importance for Xiaomi. All of our devices go through stringent quality tests.”

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The blast of Redmi Note 4 has brought the horrors of last year’s phone blast incidents. Previous year multiple news of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire and exploding poured in, which reports confirmed was due to faulty batteries.

That was such an embarrassment for Samsung that they had to pay a heavy price for it, the production of their flagship phone was stopped, they had to call back every unit they sold and several airlines and airport authorities banned the use of the phone while traveling.


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