Realme TechLife Air Purifier Review

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Air is essential for our survival yet it is neglected by most of us. All of us take Air pollution seriously only in winters when air quality deteriorates to hazardous levels in Delhi and surrounding cities every year. While some pundits blame it on Diwali crackers while others point at stable burning by farmers in some northern states in India. With pollution levels touching hazardous levels, people who have asthma or other allergic problems find it difficult to breathe.

Air Purifiers are devices that can help such people by purifying the air around them to let them breathe freely. Recently Realme has launched its first-ever air cleaner under its TechLife banner. The affordable Realme Air Purifier price in India is Rs. 7999 which is way cheaper than purifiers from brands like Philips, Honeywell, Dyson, Sharp, and more. But, is the Realme TechLife Air Purifier really effective and worth your money? Read my review to find out.

Realme TechLife Air Purifier Unboxing

Realme’s first-ever air purifier comes in a simple cardboard box containing the following items:

  • Air Purifier
  • HEPA Filter
  • Pre-Filter
  • User Guide
  • Design

Realme Techlife Air Purifier Specs

  • Name: Realme Techlife Air Purifier (Model name- Rmh2019)          
  • Coverage Area: 420 sq. ft.      
  • Control Type:  Button
  • Air Flow level: 330cu.m/h
  • Filter Type: HEPA 12
    Power requirement: AC 220-240V
  • Color: White
  • Power Consumption: 68W
  • Material: HIPS
  • Noise Level: 64dB
  • Price: Rs. 7999 (currently Rs. 7499 on Flipkart)

Realme TechLife Air Purifer Review: Design

The Realme TechLife Air Purifier is made of hard plastic with matte white color, which looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and complimented well to the look of my room. It does not have a glossy finish which was great for me. It is a vertically standing unit and has a plastic net-like front panel with Realme TechLife branding on the top left corner. Its compact size and being lightweight (46 kg) made it easy to move around when needed. I did not place it in a heavily polluted area so that its filters work for long.

It has a large intake grille in front and an outtake grille up top. Soft-touch buttons on top come with LED indicators and below is the 220v cable and a rubberized foot to protect the floor and prevent slipping. The touch controls and air vents on top are in a contrasting grey color which gives it a premium look and feel. The Air Quality sensor is placed right above the filter case. The light indicators tell you about the air quality in your room-

  • Red shows polluted air
  • Orange is moderate air
  • Green is clean air

Inside the front cover is the Pre-Filter which looked similar to the one that my AC has. It also has HEPA H12 Filter. The air filters are made by Sharp and the Realme TechLife Air Purifier claims to purify the air in up to 419 square feet of room at a rate of 330m3/h. Overall the design is clean and minimal which gets a thumbs up from my side.

Realme TechLife Air Purifer Review: Setup

The setup of the Realme TechLife Air Purifier is very simple. I removed the Air Purifier from the box and took out the filter’s plastic packaging before switching it on. Just open the front cover by pushing the sides at the top, remove the pre-filter and grab the HEPA H12 filter and remove its packaging.

There are signs in the filters so you will automatically know which one to put where. When all parts were fitted in their places, I kept it on a flat and stable surface, plugged it into a 220V socket, and turned it on.

After I started using it, I realized that changing filters on the Air Purifier is very easy too. All I had to do was press-to-unlock the front panel that pops out to reveal the air filter and change it whenever I wanted to. Using this air purifier is very easy.

Realme TechLife Air Purifer Review: Controls and Functions

The main controls of the Air Purifier can be seen on top of it. It has the power button, filter replacement indicator, 2-8 hours timer, different mode setups, and a button for fan speeds with 3 steps.

The touch of the buttons is very soft and lights up to show the function that you are using. Air Quality Indicator we talked about with 3 lights is also present here. Different settings are-

  • Auto Mode- automatically selects the fan speed according to air quality
  • Night Mode- automatically lowers the fan speed and reduces the brightness of indicator lights.

 Filter Replacement Indicator- lights up when the filters need to be replaced. It has a total of 2800 hours before it indicates changing. Press and hold it for 3 seconds to turn off the light indicator and reset the filter’s operating time.

Timer- It allowed me to set a specific hour for the purifier to shut down automatically. You can select 2-4-8 hours depending on your room’s condition.

Fan Speed- Fan speed has 3 levels- 1 for low, 2 for medium, and 3 for high-powered fans. The 3rd fan speed is pretty loud, 2nd is just ok and the lowest has no noise at all.

Realme TechLife Air Purifer Review: Performance

Realme Air Purifier has a HEPA H12 Filter that removes 99.95% of particles and PM 2.5 pollution which increases health risk. These PM 2.5 particles are also what N95 respirators filter. This includes dust, pollen, hair, animal, dander, and other allergens. The HEPA filter never heats up, so it’s safe to leave the air purifier turned on all day.

The Realme TechLife Air Purifier has a built-in Japanese-Sharp air quality sensor, so I could know how the device was performing in my house. It has a 3 layer filtration and I mostly got a green light indicator when I used it in my bedroom. This means that the air quality of my bedroom was good while the air quality in areas near the verandah of the house was moderate.

It gives a level of purification capacity of 330m3/h CADR and is suitable for a maximum indoor area of 419 square ft. It is time-efficient too as it purified the air of my drawing-room by almost 100 points in 10-15 minutes. In auto mode, it does well to sense how polluted the air is and changes the speed accordingly.

Although it is not as effective as Dyson’s it does take in sufficient air from its front and throws clean air out of the top.

Review Verdict: Should you buy Realme TechLife Air Purifer?

The Realme TechLife Air Purifier is a value for money but if you want to own your first air purifier to upgrade to a cleaner and simpler environment. The design is simple with premium looks and feel, the size is perfect and the weight of the device allows it to be moved easily. It is effective in any small area whether it is homes, offices, or even condos. The functions, controls, setting up and operation is easy to manage.

The HEPA H12 filter gives its air purification a high standard and it is well within your budget too, is priced at Rs. 7999 in India. It is a basic product that undercuts many offerings in the market. Although many smart features like WiFi connectivity and AQI display are missing, then you can afford to skip them in this budget. It is a good product for people like me who are allergic to dust and pollution and are looking for a cheaper option to survive the hazardous pollution of Faridabad (which is sometimes even more than Delhi, mind you). For me, the Realme TechLife Air Purifier ticks all the necessary boxes.

Shivangi AgarwalShivangi Agarwal
Shivangi is an honours graduate in English from Delhi University with a passion for reading and writing. Always keen to know more about the latest gadgets, when she is not reading about tech, she loves listening to Hindi music and grooving to the latest Hindi beats.

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