Samsung GW1 64MP sensor

Realme CEO Madhav Seth shared a 64MP shot from an upcoming phone via Twitter. Ever since the high-res sensor was announced by Samsung in May 2019, we were expecting smartphone brands to use it in their phones. So, after the rumored Samsung Galaxy A70s and a Redmi phone, a Realme phone could also wield the 64MP ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor.

As the tweet states, Realme is apparently working on a new “premium killer” smartphone. This phone could feature a 64MP quad camera, amongst other daring spec choices. Mr. Madhav mentions the sensor specifics such as its largest 1/1.72” sensor and mega 1.6µm pixel size. He also brags the camera’s ability in low light photography.

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We could expect more of these “knockout” shots as the days go by. Another exciting reveal is the India-first launch before anywhere else.

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Interestingly, Realme is not just the proponents of 64MP camera. Samsung A70s was the first phone to be tipped and even Realme’s nemesis Redmi is also expected to pack this sensor within its oncoming phone.

Samsung GW1 64MP sensor

Samsung 64MP GW1 sensor uses pixel-combined Tetra cell technology to generate bright 16MP images under low-lit situations and the full 64MP res images in favorable lighting. It is expected to lower noise and better color accuracy and better phase-detection autofocus technology. As for video recording, you could capture full HD clips at 480 frames per second (fps).


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