Pokemon Emerald Game Cheat Codes: Complete list of emerald Gameshark codes & ways to use them

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Pokemon Emerald is a popular role-playing title that was released back in 2004. It is a part of the Game Boy Advance System and has been able to stand the test of time for 20 years. Like all other popular titles, Pokemon Emerald also comes with a huge list of cheat codes that can be used when the gamer is stuck or if he wants to make the gameplay less challenging. In this article, there is an entire list of cheat codes that are available. Before that, we will also talk about the title a little bit.

Pokemon Emerald: About the game

It is a role-playing video game first released in Japan in 2004 followed by an international release in 2005. In this game you’ll be pitted against two rival groups- Team Aqua and Team Magma and the action takes place on sea as well as land.

It has been developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokemon Company and Nintendo for Game Boy Advance. It has a rating of 8 out of 10 on softonic.com and 4.2 out of 5 on Emulator Games.

Pokemon Emerald master codes

These master codes have to be entered first before any other cheat codes will workThe two master codes are:

  • D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
  • A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

The master code has to be typed in using your Gameshark or Action Replay and you should then you will be able to enter other cheat codes.

Top Pokemon Emerald cheat codes

Codes to Catch Another Trainer’s Pokemon

  • B6C5368A 08BE8FF4
  • B8D95CFE 06ED6EA1
  • E151C402 8A229A83
  • 8E883EFF 92E9660D

Codes to Ghost (Walk through walls)

  • 7881A409 E2026E0C
  • 8E883EFF 92E9660D
  • 7881A409 E2026E0C
  • C56CFACA DC167904

Codes for No Random Battles

  • B505DB41
  • 6E39EA4E

Codes to get Full light in dark areas

  • 0C7BD341
  • E9775222

Codes for Infinite PP

  • BBB3B3B0
  • 7AF06B2A

Codes to get Infinite rare candies

  • BFF956FA
  • 2F9EC50D

Codes to get Infinite money

  • D8BAE4D9
  • 4864DCE5
  • A86CDBA5
  • 19BA49B3
  • A57E2EDE
  • A5AFF3E4
  • 1C7B3231
  • B494738C
  • C051CCF6
  • 975E8DA1

Codes to get Shiny Pokémon

  • F3A9A86D
  • 4E2629B4
  • 18452A7D
  • DDE55BCC

Wild Pokémon gender codes


  • 7F06853C
  • D823D089
  • 7980105E
  • FC3721D0


  • 7F06853C
  • D823D089
  • 0A694B5A
  • 43A6964F

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Codes to get Unlimited Master ball

(Requires Master code)

Master Code

  • A86CDBA5
  • CE9BFAC1
  • 19BA49B3
  • B749822B

Cheat codes

  • 128898B6
  • EDA43037

Some other Gameshark and Action Replay cheat codes for Pokémon Emerald

Maximum Stats cheat codes

Max HP

  • 35A039FD
  • B90C0C5B

Max attack

  • 973FBE3F
  • EDC8200D

Max defense

  • 979050AE
  • 6F56B497

Max SP attack

  • E9B89F9D
  • C73B5749

Max SP defense

  • DBC9F375
  • 30D76D78

Max speed

  • 35B2E18D
  • FC573426

Warp Cheat Codes

You need to enable the master code before you can use warp codes. To start the process, key in a code and you will be taken to your preferred location. But,you will have to disable the code afterwards, otherwise, you will find yourself coming back to the same spot again and again.

There are various locations-

Player’s house

  • 6266061B
  • C8C9D80F

Elite four Sidney

  • 6178C413
  • 3E2FF736

Flower house (Route 104)

  • 41509519
  • 56FA6E47

Old lady rest stop (Route 111)

  • A6DF8006
  • B219CFD6

Ever Grande city 

  • 16830A6F
  • EEFE51C8

Southern Island 

  • F0EC26B8
  • 31EC5657

Petalburg city

  • 734D21AC
  • ABA1D48F

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Slateport city

  • 734D21AC
  • ABA1D48F

Mauville city

  • B49EB935
  • 5B46BF8B

Rustboro city

  • 93DF5785
  • 8CD8CE27

Fortree city

  • B6D1DB88
  • 5987C390

Lilycove city

  • EF6C4684
  • 7B994DBB

Mossdeep city

  • 872D5923
  • BC0EB4CF

Sootopolis city

  • 1DE2E5F2
  • 55690815

Littleroot town

  • F89BD08B
  • ED8D449E

Oldale town

  • 8F7BB880
  • 613514DE

Dewford town

  • 26FE9036
  • CFBAF75B

Lavaridge town

  • 05DF8009
  • 6EB6EEA8

Fallarbor town

  • 7F7F34B1
  • DC5CFBD6

Hall of fame

  • CE3EF9E9
  • 3C41A95C

Safari Zone

  • 28C0A6F2
  • 8513BE9A

Verdanturf town

  • 453A42B4
  • BE47C4F9

Pacifidlog town

  • 9697749C
  • BF836364

Meteor falls

  • 8B15AE7E
  • 9AAD3F68

Rusturf tunnel

  • 3ACDD41E
  • AD84C3F9

Desert ruins

  • 5CEE6819
  • 2848B620

Granite cave

  • E7195B55
  • A78FB01D

Seafloor cavern

  • E9948A36
  • 18A43F4A

Cave of origin

  • F94D9C59
  • 8E44B1FD

Victory road 

  • 29A1BB9F
  • 7597347F

New Mauville 

  • 7F9CEE84
  • 60922F8D

Abandoned ship

  •  2F8D

Island cave 

  • F8A26E0B
  • EACA612A

Ancient tomb

  • 23BB6E2D
  • 5625207C

Aqua hideout

  • 0E2A9416
  • 7BEA4915

Sky pillar entrance

  • C4338331
  • 146F9E5C

Desert underpass

  • A74FB133
  • AAC2ACE1

Artisan cave

  • 7DC043F4
  • 06E4B479

Battle frontier

  • 4D2A5A81
  • 4E69A107

Faraway Island

  • 8DEB234A
  • 4C8DC5EC

Birth Island

  • 4A99A22B
  • 58284D2D

Navel Rock

  • 842CB8A9
  • 7F8B0149

Using cheat codes might make gaming easier, but it does take away from the experience as it becomes less challenging. Our advise would be using cheats only when you are badly stuck.

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How to use Cheat Codes

Using Pokemon Emerald Cheats with VBA Emulator

  • The gamer will need a Visual Boy Advance Emulator for this method to work-
  • Download Visual Boy Advance from their website which works on PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux devices.
  • Open the emulator and then click on File, then Open and then Pokemon Emerald ROM.
  • At the beginning of the game, click on Cheats followed by VBA menu Cheat List.
  • Tap on Gameshark.
  • Key in your codes and describe them properly to manage cheats.
  • Click on ok two times to go back to the cheat enabled game. You are good to go.

Using Pokemon Emerald Cheats with My Boy Emulator

  • Download and Install My Boy Emulator for Android devices.
  • Open My Boy Emulator and key in Pokemon Emerald ROM.
  • Tap on the hamburger icon to open the My Boy Menu.
  • Tap on Cheats.
  • Tap on New Cheats.
  • Choose the Cheat Name and insert it in the text box.
  • Tap on OK and get back to the game. The cheat will get enabled.

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