Poco had already announced that its next product in India would be True Wireless Studio or TWS earbuds, and in an interesting move, the company is now crowdsourcing the name for these buds via a twitter poll. Currently, ‘Poco Pop Buds’ is leading with a healthy margin and that’s what these buds would probably end up being named.

Update: As expected, ‘Poco Pop Buds’ is what most fans voted for. That’s what Xiaomi’s upcoming buds will be called and the title has been updated to reflect the same.

However, the poll would continue for another 24 hours and that’s enough time to influence voters or for tides to naturally turn. One of the other three options – Poco Klip Buds, Poco Move Buds, or Poco Funkz – might emerge as the winner. Either way, to allow fans a say in naming an upcoming product sounds very cool.

TWS buds are extremely popular, mostly because they are very convenient to handle and operate. Almost all major tech brands in India have TWS options in their portfolio and Poco’s parent brand, Xiaomi, also launched its Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 priced at Rs. 4,999.

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Poco Pop Buds Launch Date

There is no information regarding the launch date of Poco TWS buds in India and we are not ruling out that these could be one of the rebranded Xiaomi options in China. Since the brand POCO currently targets young consumers, we can also safely presume that these buds will be cheaper than Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 in India.

More details regarding the Poco Pop Buds launch date will be revealed soon.


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