Paytm Mall will now allow users to order products online from offline retail stores. Confused? Well, the new move tries to combine the best of both worlds – online and offline – by allowing buyers to physically inspect products from their trusted retail outlets and then, once they are convinced, avail the flexibility of online payment mediums via Paytm.

Many consumers are still hesitant about buying products online because of the risk involved. After all, pictures and online marketing content can be misleading and it’s hard to be absolutely sure until you have had hands-on experience with the product (or even then).

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To eliminate that uncertainty out of the equation, Consumers can go to retail stores, inspect the products and then scan QR code using their Paytm Mall app to buy them online. Paytm also promises same day delivery for all orders  placed.


Why would merchants want their consumers to order online from Paytm?

Merchants who partner with Paytm won’t have to maintain an inventory, can sell a wide-range of products in their stores, and will get 3 -20 percent commission on every product they sell.

To start with, you can buy Samsung phones using this “first of its kind sales model”. You can hunt for Galaxy J3 Pro at partner offline stores and order it via Paytm Mall. The e-commerce platform is working with other brands to add other categories soon.

Paytm explains the significance of new approach and its vision as follows:

“Our goal is to enable customers (to) transact online and offline easily. We feel this assisted commerce model will transform regular businesses. Imagine, an apparel salesman will now be able to sell electronics or groceries, and vice versa. The possibilities are endless.”

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