Our Smartphones are more powerful than ever before, and even when the smart quotient is of utmost importance, it’s the camera that still remains the most desirable element for consumers. Yes, we want our phones to match the best cameras that provide detailed photos. But, shoehorning megapixel sensors is only so much effective when it comes to overcoming smartphone photography constraints.

Making the camera hardware work efficiently with deft software while leveraging the computation prowess of modern chipsets is where OPPO has proven its expertise time and again.

The global smartphone giant undoubtedly exceeded expectations in and out with its Reno series that was launched as the catalyst for OPPO’s smartphone and creative development. Both the Reno and Reno 10x Zoom offered class-leading cameras that were effortlessly flawless. And now OPPO is all set to step up the game to the next level with the Reno2 that’s equipped with an industry-first creative innovation of four rear cameras with 20x digital zoom!!

OPPO Reno2 will bring in Quad Camera prowess

Let’s first detail the hardware aspects of OPPO’s versatile quad-camera system. The OPPO Reno2 has four different camera sensors, each with a different lens in order to serve a separate need. Together, the four cameras form a full focal length imaging system covering most frequently used focal lengths between 16 to 83mm. So, you got a wholesome gear that lets you play with different perspectives.

In the lead is the 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 sensor with f/1.7 aperture. The Sony sensor is the most popular sensor used in 2019 flagships and for good reason. With the ability to combine data from four pixels to one, the camera is capable of reproducing images with wide dynamic range and an astonishing amount of detail.

The next in the quartet is the 8MP snapper with a 116-degrees wide-angle lens that will help you capture macros with elaborate backdrops or wide landscapes without relying on sketchy panorama-mode stitching. To enable faster focus, OPPO also adds a closed-loop VCM.

The Reno2 also has a 13MP sensor with a telephoto lens that lets you go 5X closer to image subjects using the optical zoom or even 20X using the digital zooming capacity. OPPO smartly combines the wide-angle, primary camera, and telephoto lenses that respectively correspond to the equivalent focus of 16mm, 26mm, and 83mm. The image fusion technology ensures smooth zoom transitions when the three lenses interchange.

And last but not least, there’s a 2MP monochrome sensor that simulates the effect of black & white pictures to enable the users to better express themselves with diversified filters.

And complimenting this alluring camera hardware is OPPO’s smart AI software that combines these four individual cameras into one super versatile camera system.

OPPO has also sprinkled Ultra Dark mode to nab the nightlife at its finest. Speaking of life, there is Ultra Steady Video Stabilization, which lets you capture and cherry-pick the favorite moments regardless of your lifestyle.

A fresh take!

Suffice to say, the Reno2 will ditch clichéd photography techniques in favor of more fresh, thought-provoking camerawork. After all, you want or better put, need an all-purpose camera that’s not just a gadget but a companion in your lifestyle. In that respect, OPPO Reno series is Godsend for any smartphone user, doesn’t matter if a shutterbug or not!

We leave you with this thought – if the first wave of Reno with just three sensors did a splendid job, what a Quad camera would be capable of? With amazing features, innovative technology and a highly efficient camera, the price of the smartphone is expected to be around Rs 40,000. Well, we can’t wait to test it out! Goodness gracious, it won’t take much longer as the Reno2 will be official on August 28, 2019.


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