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OnePlus Concept Phone was showed off days before the CES 2020 debut through the official Youtube channel. The teaser video had revealed its design cues and the X factor -the phantom rear cameras. The brand has officially introduced it now. As teased already, the transition from invisible to visible out of thin air is slick!

OnePlus calls it an Alternate Design for the Alternate Future. As such, it might not hit the stores. Nonetheless, it is exciting. So, let’s have a good look at the concept, aptly called Concept One.

OnePlus Concept One Design

OnePlus has been teasing their concept phone in bits and pieces for weeks now. The phone finally saw the daylight at CES 2020.

From the front, they look like any other recent Oneplus 7(T) Pro, but with more prominent side curves. There is even the OnePlus hallmark feature – Alert slider. The phone gauds an orange-accent, reminiscent of the McLaren edition OnePluses. The racing company has more role here, something which we will discuss shortly.

And right in the next frame, we witness the OnePlus logo and the kicker is a lack of camera bump. In effect, the camera looks absent. But then Holly Molly! in a jiff, at a certain angle they materialize. Folks! Dem invisible cameras are reportedly thanks to a color-shifting glass. But, how?

Source: The Verge

Enter McLaren, the British motor racing company. You may already know about the special McLaren avatars of OnePlus phones. Well, this time around, the partnership goes beyond the visual skin job.

OnePlus is using the glass technology that’s found in top-rung car sunroofs and aircraft windows. So, in the Concept One, the cameras are apparently sitting underneath the said glass. It employs a special tint that when you open the camera app sends an electric current which in turn unveils the camera panel. So, in other cases when you’re not using the camera, the panel stays dormant and hidden. Magic of Science, if you will.

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But that’s not all. There is apparently a feature hidden within the Pro mode in the camera app named ND8. Turning this on modifies the intensity of the light. This lets you shoot videos in bright lighting conditions.

OnePlus Concept One Launch and Availability

OnePlus Concept One
Source: OnePlus

As aforementioned, OnePlus brands it as an Alternate design for the Alternate future. So, the brand seems no intention to sell it anytime soon.

The company CEO Pete Lau, however, gives us a slight hope. In a recent conversation with The Wired, he said, “bold exploration for OnePlus, and is also a representation of overcoming a lot of [engineering] challenges. With this approach, we’ll be able to produce smaller amounts of the product and, with feedback from a small group of users, look at the possibility of making a device that’s available for users more widely.”

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The publication goes in detail giving us more than what the teaser shared.

OnePlus - Concept One
Via: The Wired

The device is said to flaunt a papaya orange leather back flanked by stitching marks along the edges. The rear seems to have a black spatula-shaped ridge. This is the so-called electrochromic glass that is capable of changing colors or opacity when a voltage is applied.

As per Pete, the camera lens does disappearing act in just under a second. He seems confident of the practicality and durability of the new tech. Now, that’s something up for debate. This even opens up an avenue for the under-display camera. Let’s what does OnePlus has in store for us.

Anyhow, If it has your attention, mark your calendars for the CES 2020 event. It will be held between Jan 7-10 in Las Vegas.


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