OnePlus recently launched OnePlus 6T, which was the company’s first smartphone to feature a waterdrop notch and an in-display fingerprint sensor. OnePlus 6T’s reception has been mostly positive ( barring the removal of 3.5 mm jack). Now, certain OnePlus 6T users claim to be facing a weird pixel static issue. Earlier also some OnePlus 6 users faced a screen flickering issue which was later fixed with an OS update.

OnePlus 6T display bug

Multiple users of OnePlus 6T claim to have found a wave of pink/purple pixels floating on the screen at random intervals of time. The glitch does not seem to be permanent, however, as the screen turns normal after a few seconds. OnePlus users have listed their sightings on the OnePlus Forums and we can find multiple such instances related to static wave.

The issue does not seem to be uniform on all the devices as some users claim to have found pink, purple or white while others claim to find lines of red or green pixels moving through the display. A few others have pointed out that they are being irked by a cluster of bright color pixels on the display.

According to the claims of the users, the bug seems to be persistent at low brightness levels and while unlocking the device. So doubts are emerging if this has anything to do with the implementation of the in-display fingerprint sensor.

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Software Update to fix the issue?

One user claimed that the issue does not return after updating the device to the version A6013_41_181103. But if the problem is a screen tear issue, then a software update cannot rectify it and OnePlus might ask users to ship their handsets to OnePlus service centers to get them repaired. OnePlus is yet to give an official statement on the issue.

Find below a snippet from a user facing the screen wave issue.


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