OnePiece Filler Episodes List: Have a look at the list of skippables

Watch them only if you want to kill time

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The world of anime is pretty vast, and Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach are some of the best shows in the segment. Watching a long anime is always a task considering the number of episodes. For example, OnePiece has already crossed the mark of 1000 episodes, so if you are someone new to the world of Luffy, then covering 1000 episodes is going to be a task.

One thing you should know is that almost all the long animes have filler episodes that are not directly associated with the original manga on which the show is based. Similarly, OnePiece also has filler episodes that can be skipped while watching the show as they are not directly related to the storyline.

Nonetheless, being one of the finest shows ever made, the ratio of canon episodes to filler episodes is pretty high in the show as it only has 9 to 10% filler episodes which mean 95 or 100 in number. Without any further ado, have a look at our OnePiece filler episodes list so that you can avoid these episodes while watching or starting to watch the show.

Should you watch the OnePiece filler episodes or not?

This emerges as a major question for anyone who is going to enter the pirate world and start exploring OnePiece. In simple terms, if you are someone who is also going to watch all the OnePiece movies, then you should definitely watch the OnePiece filler arcs, as they will help in making sense of the movie. On the other hand, if you are watching the show just for fun, then you can skip the filler episodes. Besides that, most of the people, or you may say OnePiece fans, who started watching the show in the beginning, were mesmerized by the first few episodes only because of the gripping story. Still, keep in mind that anime can be a little boring at times due to the number of episodes and the slow movement of the story in the initial episodes.

OnePiece filler episodes list

Warship Island Arc (Episodes 54 to 61): In the Warship Island Arc, Straw Hat saves a girl who goes by the name Apis from the ocean before heading into the grand line. The crew has plans to send her, along with Sennenryu, to their homeland. This is the first filler arc of the show and can be skipped without any issues.

Post-Arabasta Arc (Episodes 131 to 135): All the episodes from this arc are standalone in nature. All the episodes revolve around the goals and dreams of the crew members. A major highlight of this arc is that the dreams of Luffy and Robin have not been seen here.

Goat Island Arc (Episodes 136 to 138): This arc revolves around Straw Hats reaching an island by mistake while running away from the Marines. Luffy discovers an old man in this arc with a lot of goats, after which the island has been named. All the crew members, including Luffy, decided to help the old man and repay his ship. Like the other two, this filler also has no connection with the story, and it is purely skippable.

Ruluka Island Arc (Episodes 139 to 143): This arc comes into play next to the Goat Island Arc (the pain of back-to-back fillers can’t be measured). The arc is also known as the Rainbow Mist Arc. While being followed by the Marines, the Straw Hats land on yet another new island which is being ruled by Ruluka, who overtaxes the people living on the island. Luffy and others decide to get into the matter and save the people from the dictator.

G-8 Arc Episodes (196 to 206): This arc is considered one of the funniest fillers arcs of the show. In this one, the Straw Hats get caged in a marine base, and they are supposed to survive and their ship to leave the base.

Ocean’s Dream Arc (Episodes 220 to 224): This arc in OnePiece is based on the PlayStation game created on the show. The story revolves around a young man who erases the memories of all the Straw Hats. All the members forget who they are and land in weird situations. The only one from the crew who survives the incident is Robin.

Foxy’s Return Arc (Episodes 225 to 228): This one comes just after the Ocean’s Dream Arc, and in this one, all the Straw Hats meet Foxy again. Foxy and the Straw Hats have clashed with each other. For your information, Foxy is one of the most hated characters in the OnePiece world.

Ice Hunter Arc (Episodes 326 to 335): In this arc, the Straw Hats head to the Florian triangle; they try to help the members of a damaged ship and get to know that those members are related to the Bounty Hunters. After knowing the true identity of the other group, the Straw Hats kicked off a fight against the crew.

Spa Island Arc (Episodes 382 to 384): This arc happens in the timeline just after the Thriller Barc Arc. In this arc, the Straw Hats are having some fun with the Spa thing. However, the fun is not for very long as they get poked by Foxy, and it can be annoying for any OnePiece fan to watch.

Little East Blue Arc (Episodes 426 to 429): This one is being dubbed a special anime-filler arc. If you are a hardcore fan, then you should know that this arc should be watched before the OnePiece Film: Strong World. In this arc, the Straw Hat explores a not-so-normal island that is quite identical to East Blue. You can skip this arc if you are not planning to watch the mentioned movie.

Z’s Ambition Arc (Episodes 575 to 578): This can be considered the first filler arc after the time skip. The arc is especially for the fans who are going to watch OnePiece Film: Z. In this arc, the Straw Hats head to the Maubeugemour Sea in the New World and are pushed to have a face-off with the Neo-Marines. The filler is only important for the people who are going to watch the OnePlus Film: Z.

Caeser Retrieval Arc (Episodes 626 to 628): This three-episode-long filler arc of OnePiece deals with the kidnapping of Caesar from the Straw Hats. The arc moves forward with the Straw Hats looking to kidnap Caesar back again, along with Heart Pirates from the dark figures.

Silver Mine Arc (Episodes 747 to 750): In the Silver Marine Arc, Luffy and Barto are kidnapped by the Silver Pirates. Both of them are supposed to find an escape route from there. This filler arc is important for the people who want to see the OnePiece Gold movie. However, if you are not planning to do the same, then you can simply skip the series without any worries about missing out on something.

Marine Rookie Arc (Episodes 780 to 782): This is the thirteenth filler arc from the series. The crew of Luffy is all set to make it to the Whole Cake Island and get Sanji from there. In mid of all this, they run out of food supplies too. To tackle the situation, the Straw Hats decide to raid a marine base nearby and grab all the food disguised as marines.

Cidre Guild Arc (Episode 895 and 896): In this arc, the Straw Hats meet the Boa Hancock and get in an alliance with her to have a battle against a group of bounty hunters popularly known as the Cidre Guild. This filler arc is important for the fans who are going to or planning to watch the OnePiece Stampede movie.

Uta’s Past (Episodes 129 and 130): This arc has a direct connection with the OnePiece Film Red. The arc deals with Uta’s past, which is also connected to Luffy’s past. Watch the arc right now if you are planning to watch the OnePiece Film Red.

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