Heard of Romain Guy? Well, he is a very popular software engineer at Google, who also likes to travel and is very passionate about photography. I have personally lived off his Muzei wallpaper feed for a very long time, before I switched phone and was hung up on other stuff. But let’s not digress.


Dave burke, VP Engineering, Android has shared some samples Romain Guy Shot using Nexus 6P rear camera, and they look wonderful.  Looks like all the talk about Google’s Nexus 6P bumping up pixel size wasn’t marketing jargon after all. The results from Nexus 6P Camera look pretty amazing.


To remind you of the specifications, the rear camera on Nexus 6P includes a 12.3 MP sensor with extra-large 1.55 micrometer pixels, laser guided AF and can shoot slow motion videos at 240 fps! Now there is a lot to like about the new Nexus 6P Camera and if you are still not convinced checkout the camera samples at the source link below.

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Humming Bird slow motion video from Nexus 6p by Eddy Talvala

Source: Romain guy Camera samples, 240FPS Slow motion video




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