Microsoft Release Copilot For Everyone: Here Are Five Things You Can Do With The AI Assistant

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Microsoft’s Copilot is now available to all Windows 11 users. The AI assistant is capable of doing several tasks, including summarizing tabs, adjusting volume levels, conducting a quick internet search for a term, switching between sound modes, etc. The tool can also do basic tasks like answering questions, generating content, troubleshooting problems, and more. Here are five ways to use the Microsoft Copilot on your Windows PC.

What Is Microsoft Copilot?

Remember Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant, that was discontinued some time ago? In a way, Copilot is a more advanced version of Cortana with infused AI. While Copilot can do all the basic tasks, as a regular voice assistant would do, it can also help users write/edit documents, create presentations, and manage their email and Excel sheets, among others. It uses various techniques, such as natural language processing and machine learning, to assist Windows users with their work.

Generate Content In Microsoft Word

For those who rely on Microsoft Word for their daily workflow, Copilot can help them compose documents such as emails, letters, memos, etc. Like a word processor, Copilot can suggest synonyms, check grammar, and correct spelling. Using its AI capabilities, Copilot can also generate content that can fill in wherever the user is facing any problem, which should help save time.

Analyse Data In Microsoft Excel

Like Word, Copilot can also help Microsoft Excel users by doing some heavy lifting for them. The AI assistant can analyze data, create charts and tables, and, on top of that, suggest formulas/functions for users whenever they need it. So, by using commands like “give a breakdown of values on a monthly basis” or “convert the given data in a visualization,” users can, in a very real way, make their Excel sheets less tedious and easier to understand.

Create Presentations Using Microsoft’s AI Assistant

Per Microsoft’s official support page, Copilot can create a new presentation. All users need to do is give it a topic and ask it to create a presentation in the way they want. Further, the assistant can also summarize a presentation in bullet points. Copilot can also help users restructure their slides by adding visual elements like images, tables, graphics, charts, etc. Interestingly, Copilot can also understand a presentation’s content and answer related questions.

Manage Emails In Outlook Using Copilot

Copilot in Outlook helps draft emails, generate summaries of meetings, plan events by fetching details from calendars, and much more. It can also help users search for a document they received as an email attachment but need to remember the date and time.

Everything Else You Can Do With Microsoft

Microsoft Copilot can summarize web pages open in Edge, helping users with the key points. It can also edit photos, generate images with the help of Dall-E integration, and organize the open windows on the screen. As Copilot is available for more users, more use cases should appear online.

How To Get Microsoft Copilot

The AI assistant is available in the September 2023 Windows update. Hence, users must update their Windows 11 to the latest version available for their accounts to use the tool. For this, open Settings, select Windows Update, check for available updates, and install the latest one. Once you have the latest Windows version, Copilot should be available in the Taskbar.

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