Looking for Games Similar to Minecraft? Check Out Roblox, Lego Worlds, Block Fortress, and More

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As of 2023, Minecraft has established itself as one of the best-selling video games of all time, having sold over 238 million copies and boasting over 140 million monthly active players. This popular sandbox video game that was created by Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed and published by Mojang Studios. Since than Minecraft has undergone numerous updates and is now owned by Microsoft Studios.

In Minecraft, players can explore and build in a procedurally generated 3D world made up of different types of blocks. These blocks can be mined and used to create structures, tools, and other items. The game is designed to be open-ended and encourages players to use their creativity to build and explore their own worlds. Overall, Minecraft is a highly immersive and engaging game that appeals to players of all ages and skill levels. Its open-ended gameplay, creative possibilities, and community-driven content make it a unique and enduring video game experience.

Its availability on multiple platforms, including PC, consoles, mobile devices, tablets, and even the Raspberry Pi, has contributed to its widespread appeal. The success of Minecraft has also spawned several spinoffs, such as Minecraft Dungeons. If you’re a Minecraft enthusiast looking for a new gaming experience, check out these top-rated games inspired by the iconic block-building game.

1. Roblox 

Roblox is an incredibly popular online platform that offers a unique gaming experience. Unlike other games, Roblox is more of a sandbox, where users can create and play games. With over 20 million games published by its own users, Roblox has an extensive selection of single-player platformers, first-person shooters, and simulators that allow players to role-play different scenarios. One of the platform’s unique features is its user-generated content, allowing players to buy and sell virtual products using real dollars earned from a regular stipend.

Compared to Minecraft, Roblox offers a broader range of games that are created by other users, making it a great alternative to Minecraft. The social aspect of creating and dismantling games with friends is emphasized, providing a fun and entertaining experience. Additionally, Roblox is available for free on computer, mobile, and Xbox, making it easily accessible for all users.

Download: iOS | Android | Xbox | Microsoft Store

2. Eco

Eco, a survival game developed by American firm Odd Loop Games, initially started as an educational tool for middle school students. Launched in 2018 as a Kickstarter project, Eco draws inspiration from popular open-world games such as Minecraft and Rust, where players collaborate to build a civilisation on a virtual planet before a meteor impact. To survive, players must manage their resources carefully, research technology, and destroy the approaching asteroid to save their virtual world.

What sets Eco apart is its realistic portrayal of environmental issues. Resource management plays a crucial role in minimizing long-term environmental effects, meaning players must maintain a delicate balance between progress and environmental impact. For instance, excessive deforestation could negatively impact specific species, while overuse of machinery could contaminate the ecosystem. These added layers make Eco an engrossing and comprehensive gaming experience.

Currently, Eco can be purchased on Steam for Rs 699. Join the Eco community and discover how to build a civilisation while maintaining a sustainable environment!

Download: Steam

3. Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds is a popular sandbox game that lets players explore and construct in a 3D world made entirely of Lego blocks. With its range of crafting tools, players can create vast Lego universes or demolish them with ease. The game features a campaign mode, collectibles, wardrobe options, gardening equipment, vehicles, and more. Developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Lego Worlds is available on Steam, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game also offers an adventure mode where players can explore randomly generated worlds using a spaceship.

Similar to Minecraft, Lego Worlds is all about building, battling enemies, and discovering secret loot. The game’s colorful and dynamic setting encourages players to construct Lego structures while collecting golden bricks. These bricks can be obtained by completing tasks and discovering hidden chests, allowing players to level up their character and unlock new content.

Download: Steam | Microsoft Store | Xbox | PlayStation | Nintendo Switch

4. Trove

Trove is a thrilling action MMO (Massively multiplayer online) game with RPG elements (role playing game) that offers an immersive gaming experience similar to Minecraft. Players must work together to advance their characters and complete a wide variety of activities. With several classes to choose from, each with a unique crafting specialty, the game encourages players to experiment with different abilities and playstyles.

Trove’s dynamically generated world provides a unique experience every time you play, while the character classes with varying powers add to the game’s excitement. From exploring tunnels and caves packed with foes to battling high-tier bosses and collecting loot, Trove offers all the elements common to most RPG titles. Discovering and fighting endgame bosses is especially satisfying, thanks to Trove’s fantastic treasure.

Trove is available for free download on PC via Steam, as well as on additional platforms, including PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. So, you can enjoy this thrilling game on the platform of your choice.

Download: Steam | Xbox | PlayStation | Switch

5. Block Fortress

Block Fortress is a thrilling Minecraft-inspired game that allows players to unleash their creativity by designing and defending their own strongholds against the relentless Goblocks. With a vast array of building pieces and a huge crafting system, players can modify their blocks, weapons, and equipment to create unique and effective defense strategies.

The game features several modes, including a free-build sandbox mode and a challenging survival mode with six different types of terrain to conquer. With over 30 building pieces and 16 types of turrets, players have endless possibilities to fortify their walls and defend their stronghold.

Block Fortress offers a variety of entertaining game modes that provide a diverse gameplay experience. The game’s customizability in terms of weapons, blocks, and equipment allows players to develop a range of defensive strategies to keep the Goblocks at bay.

Available on iOS and Android for approximately Rs 170, Block Fortress is an affordable and exciting game for players who enjoy tower defense and Minecraft-style gameplay. So, if you’re ready to unleash your creativity and defend your stronghold against the Goblocks, Block Fortress is the game for you.

Download: iOS | Android

6. Colony Survival

Colony Survival is an exciting first-person strategy tower defense game that draws inspiration from Minecraft. Created by brothers Bas and Luke Boltjes in 2017, the game challenges players to establish their own colony and defend it against monsters that attack at night. Hiring colonists with various responsibilities, such as guards, farmers, and miners, is the first step in creating a thriving colony.

What sets Colony Survival apart from typical Minecraft clones is its unique blend of survival and tower defense gameplay, where players must carefully allocate colonists to defend their colony. Additionally, the game’s co-op multiplayer mode allows players to collaborate with friends in creating and defending colonies, providing hours of fun and entertainment.

Colony Survival is now available as an early-access game on Steam for Rs 529, making it easily accessible to all players. So, if you’re looking for an exciting and challenging tower defense game that combines the best of Minecraft with survival elements, Colony Survival is the game for you.

Download: Steam

7. Cube World

Cube World is an action RPG game that emphasizes exploration and features a procedurally generated fantasy world built entirely of cubes. The game includes dungeons, caves, and castles, as well as biomes like meadows, snowlands, deserts, and oceans, and players can use hang gliders and boats to travel faster. With character creation, players can choose their ethnicity and gender before customizing their character’s appearance, and there are four classes to choose from: warrior, rogue, ranger, and mage. Each class has its own set of armor, weapons, and skills.

Aside from battling monsters in the open world, players can also tame animals and gather materials to craft food, medicine, weapons, armor, and cosmetics. Cube World is similar to Minecraft but with added action RPG features. In the game’s fantasy realm, enemies can be defeated, but some areas and foes may be too high-level, requiring players to flee rather than fight. Character advancement in Cube World is slow, necessitating hours of gameplay to progress.

Download: Steam

8. Terasology

Terasology is an open-source game that takes inspiration from Minecraft and features similar block-based aesthetics. However, the game offers unique features such as the ability to build troops to defend your creations, craft various tools, wield weapons, and light up dark areas with torches. As an open-source project, Terasology welcomes contributions from anyone to expand and enhance the game. While Terasology retains Minecraft’s core gameplay mechanics, its distinct elements make it a promising and exciting alternative to the popular sandbox game.

Download: Terasology

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