Lenovo recently brought its new-sprung K6 Power (FAQ) to India. On paper, this beats or is at least as good as any other phone under 10,000 INR. The budget smartphone manages to check most of the right boxes which make it worth buying, but like always, there are a few cons involved which might make it unsuitable for your specific needs. We have been using this smartphone for some time now, and based on our experience, here are 4 good reasons to buy and 3 reasons to maybe not buy the Lenovo K6 Power.

Reason To Buy K6 Power



The Lenovo K6 Power is one of the rare compact smartphones offering 5-inch full HD display with a pixel density of 441ppi in this price range. It is sharp, bright and vivid. Viewing from an angle or under the harsh sunlight, it won’t put any extra strain on your eyes.

Considering the compact screen size, Lenovo could have gotten away with an HD resolution panel as well, but the higher resolution makes TheaterMax, an important tool in K6 Power arsenal, all the more meaningful (more on that in a bit).


Multimedia Experience

These days smartphones are where we consume most of our multimedia content, be it movies, TV series, videos or music. Lenovo K6 Power has all those bases covered. Its full HD display coupled with Dolby Atmos support makes it’s a great device to experience multimedia content. The phone comes with Dolby Atmos enabled dual stereo speakers which are powerful enough to produce 84 dB output. the K6 Power also comes loaded with Theatermax mode where it splits the screen into two halves to create an illusion of wide screen with the help of Ant VR headset (sold separately).

Its full HD display coupled with Dolby Atmos audio makes it’s a great device to experience multimedia content. The phone comes with Dolby Atmos enabled dual stereo speakers which are powerful enough to produce 84dB output. The K6 Power also comes loaded with Theatermax support, where it splits the screen into two halves and create an illusion of wide theatrical screen with the help of a VR headset (sold separately).

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The K6 Power runs on Lenovo’s Pure UI which is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Pure UI is the result of Lenovo heeding to consumer feedback and trimming its Vibe UI accordingly.

For one thing, it is as closer to stock as possible – which makes it more efficient and light. Also, Lenovo has added a few popular customization options and has improved existing ones like the secure zone.

Notable software features include fingerprint based App lock, Dual App mode, and some quick access features such as Kock to Lights,  Floating button beside Quick-Snap feature.


The K6 Power comes with a gargantuan 4000mAh battery which is impressive for a 5-inch display phone. For a moderate user, it can easily last more than a day. So if you are someone who doesn’t like to plug your phone in the power socket multiple times a day, then this phone is a perfect fit for you.

Reasons Not to buy K6 Power


Chunky Design

Well for the starters, I am not a big fan of Lenovo K6 Power’s design. The phone design is borings as we have been seeing the same design repeated in several phones across different brands throughout 2016. It looks chunky as it has a 9.3mm thick waist and weighs 145grams.

Apart from the generic rear, the silver coated keys on the front rob it of that elegant premium feel. Backlit buttons work better, in my personal opinion. Apart from the obvious benefit of night time usage, they can also be concealed easily on the phone chin.

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The Lenovo K6 Power camera is no deal breaker. Perhaps, it’s even arguably better than the Redmi 3S Prime. The images captured from the rear camera still look underwhelming in terms of color and details. It manages to do a decent job in well-lit conditions but struggles in fading or tricky lighting. Overall, to get the best results out of K6 Power camera in not so picture perfect condition, you have to be extra cautious.


No Fast Charging

The phone has a gigantic 4000mAh battery which on the downside doesn’t support fast charging (and makes the phone bulky). It takes more than 2.5 hours to go from 0 to 100 percent, which can be a tad inconvenient at times.

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So, Should I Buy It?

The Lenovo K6 Power isn’t perfect but definitely, has more pros than cons and is a good buy. If you are fine with compact phones, you can very well go ahead and consider it as your next phone.


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