Lenovo has been in the eye of the observers who have had a zeal for smartphones and tech advancements that make them evolve for a better and a bigger world. In the recent past, Lenovo has surprised the smart world with some great devices like Lenovo A7000 and Lenovo K3 Note. Apart from these smart devices, Lenovo A600 Plus, which comes with 2 GB of RAM and 4G LTE support, has been another interesting creation by Lenovo for low budget smartphone users. And after all this, Lenovo seems not to stop yet to take a break.


As per the latest news, Lenovo has taken the smartphone technology to a new level by reportedly developing a smartphone with a built in laser projector system. Lenovo has showcased this technology as an all new pico-projecting smartphone concept called Smart Cast at the Tech World event which was held in Beijing earlier this week. The new smartphone by Lenovo features a pico projector which comes factory fitted inside the phone with laser sensors onboard. The new technology allows a user to project the smartphone’s display on a large surface and to interact with it as well.

Samsung too had come up with one such device earlier. And after that we were introduced to the virtual keyboards. The all new tech by Lenovo integrates the two unique features to make a whole new smart technology which is still under development. The Smart Cast feature enables gesture identification which includes gestures like clicking, multi touch and swiping. The projector on the smartphone enables rotation as well and the smartphone with this revolutionary technology comes with a kick stand attached to the rear panel of the smartphone. The smartphone rotation enables the same smartphone to be used for the purpose of presentation and movies as well.


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