Latest iOS 17 adoption rates trail behind iOS 16

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Apple’s recent release of official data on iOS 17 adoption revealed a startling trend: the current version is being adopted at a slower rate than its predecessor, iOS 16. While this does not necessarily imply faults with the upgrade, it does highlight questions about user behavior and potential impediments to adoption. Check out the details!

Apple iOS & iPadOS Adoption Statistics

76% of iPhones released in the last four years have upgraded to iOS 17, while 20% are still on iOS 16, and 4% continue to use prior versions. Similarly, 66% of recent iPad models have chosen iPadOS 17, with 23% still running iPadOS 16 and 11% still to update beyond prior generations.

When compared to the same period in February 2023, iOS 16 had an 81% adoption rate for iPhones and an iPadOS 16 adoption rate of 53%. This sharp disparity implies that, despite a strong initial rollout, iOS 17 is trailing its predecessor in iPhone and iPad adoption rates.

Some users may find the modifications in iOS 17 less interesting than the big advancements released in iOS 16, such as lock screen personalization and Live Text improvements. Despite the security improvements in iOS 17, concerns about compatibility and privacy consequences may dissuade users from upgrading.

iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 Adoption Statistics

Reports of battery drain or performance concerns on specific devices following the iOS 17 update may be raising concerns among customers who value reliability. The absence of official support for iOS 17 on older devices may limit the total number of upgradeable customers.

Furthermore, personal taste may be a factor, with some users preferring to continue with their current iOS version rather than adapt to a new interface or features. While adoption rates are poor, it’s important to note that iOS 17 is still in its early phases. 

With time, as developers enhance their applications and Apple addresses any existing faults, the adoption figures should align more closely with predictions. The coming months will be critical for collecting insights into user behavior and developing measures to promote wider adoption.

In conclusion, while iOS 17 adoption may be languishing behind its predecessor, there is still hope for future growth. By remaining responsive to user feedback and resolving any problems, Apple may try to close the adoption gap and ensure a smoother transition for customers to the most recent version of its operating system.

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