Intel’s 8th-generation Core processors were launched earlier in August exclusively for laptops, and today the company outed the desktop versions too called Coffee Lake. Intel will do the official announcement of the desktop version of Intel’s 8th-gen Core Processor on October 5.

The highlight of the desktop version is the inclusion of higher core counts across the entire eighth-generation range of desktop processors. The entry-level i3 model now comes with four cores (up from two), the midrange Core i5 has six (up from four), and Core i7 chips now offer six cores with hyper-threading.

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Intel Eighth-Gen Processor Features

Intel promises a big improvement on the eighth-gen processor at the gaming front, tagging i7-8700K as the company’s “best gaming desktop processor ever.” The i7-8700K boasts of 4.7 GHz single-core turbo frequency, due to the Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, making it a performance powerhouse for both single and multi-threaded applications.

The new processor is expected to be 40 percent faster than the previous seventh-generation Kaby Lake chips.

The 8th-gen Intel processor is designed to deliver to the needs of average consumers, looking to carry out video editing up to 4K or content creation task from their PCs.

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Intel Eighth-Gen ‘Coffee Lake’ Processor Price

According to the Anand Tech Report, Intel is offering six, eighth-gen desktop chips at launch, two for each processor class:

  • i3-8100, with four cores / four threads and clocked at 3.6GHz for approximately $117
  • i3-8350K, with four cores / four threads and clocked at 4.0GHz for approximately $168
  • i5-8400, with six cores / six threads and clocked at 2.8GHz (with a boost of up to 4.0GHz) for approximately $182
  • i5-8600K, with six cores / six threads and clocked at 3.6GHz (with a boost of up to 4.4GHz) for approximately $257
  • i7-8700, with six cores / 12 threads and clocked at 3.2GHz (with a boost of up to 4.6GHz) for approximately $303
  • i7-8700K with six cores / 12 threads and clocked at 3.8GHz (with a boost of up to 4.7GHz) for approximately $359

Apart from the processor cost, a user also has to invest on Intel’s Z370 chipset-based motherboards that can accommodate these processers, as they are not compatible with whatever model you have right now.

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