Infinix announced 180W Thunder Charge Technology

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Charging technologies on smartphones are getting better with each passing day. We have already heard about 240W from Oppo which was showcased in February this year. Cut to now, Infinix has officially announced its 180W charging tech that takes four minutes to juice up a 4500mAh battery from 1 to 50% and that’s amazing.

Infinix’s 180W Thunder Charge Technology

Dubbed Infinix 180W Thunder Charge Technology, the fast charging tech delivers blazing-fast charging capabilities on Infinix smartphones. The tech uses batteries with a charging rate of 8C whereas smartphones sold at the moment have batteries with a charging rate between 1 to 3C. The company has claimed that it had to overhaul the fast charging technology to reach an 8C rate and a whopping 180W fast charging tech.

According to Infinix, it uses two batteries at 90W each which means even though the effective charging speed is 180W, each 8C battery is taken up less force and thus, produces lower heat than a single battery charging at 180W as a whole.

Infinix added that it has safeguarded the 180W Thunder Charge with various software and hardware protection mechanisms. Its charging tech is designed to keep the temperature under 43° Celcius.

Moving on, the charging tech will get upcoming flagship phones from Infinix to charge at 180W while it is equipped with other protocols as well. What this means is that Infinix 180W Thunder Charge Technology can be used on other devices although t will be capped at up to 100W. For those who are uninitiated, 100W is still 1.5-2 times what fast charging tech on various flagship-level Android phones is available let alone other models.

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