Honor 8 Pro by Huawei has received many accolades for its features, specifications and most importantly for its design. The high-end smartphone by Huawei has an ultra-slim shiny metallic body, served in two color variants – pearl white and navy blue.

Whether you go for navy blue or midnight black, your Honor 8 will never leave you short of making a style statement.

So, you obviously want your phone to resist scratches and accidental damages. To let you accomplish that task and let the phone retain its shiny new looks, you can choose from the below mentioned cases and back covers, and some tempered glasses.

Here’s the list:

Metallic Blue case by Golden Sand

First up we have an original rugged armor Shockproof Case for Huawei Honor 8 Pro by Golden Sand. Made up of high-quality Eco-friendly materials, the product has proper holes and cut-outs for sensors. Another advantage of this cover is that it has a raised lips that protect the screen and camera bump too.

The case for your Honor 8 Pro is easy to install and remove, is shock and scratch resistant, and it doesn’t leave fingerprint marks. The company offers a six months warranty for the product.

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Flip covers by Fabucare

The second option for you is this flip cover. The cover is made of a high-quality durable leather material to protect your smartphone from scratches, dust, and damage.It also adds an extra layer of protection to your Honor 8’s screen as well as total back cover for phone’s protection. It is a light weight product which comes in a slim design to provide a rich look to your smartphone without adding any bulkiness to it.

The cover also has a notification window which means you don’t have to always flip the cover to see your screen.

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Transparent case cover by Lofud

If you want to flaunt your Honor 8 Pro phone in its actual looks, you can consider this option. This transparent back cover by Lofad is a clear case premium ultra-slim case that fits your device perfectly and wraps all around edges and back to provide protection in clarity that unveils the phone’s original design, with a scratch-resistant coating. The clear back stays clean and it clearly displays your device’s slim body.

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Maze finish back cover by Treecase

Bored of simple back covers, this Maze finish hard shell will augur well to your need. The case by Treecase adjusts well to your Honor 8 Pro device giving it complete all-around protection. The product will guard your phone against the bumps and scratches, helping the phone to look new even after months of usage.

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Hybrid case cover by SDO

This solid military style case cover by SDO is extremely tough and durable case molds for your precious Honor 8 Pro phone. Despite its heavy look, the product is light weight, durable construction and premium quality case for the device. The dual-layer case has kickstand technology that makes easy for the user to hold the phone.

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Spiderman Case Cover by Trahas

This cool printed Spiderman case cover by Trahas adds a very nice look to your Honor 8 Pro smartphone. The product is well crafted leaving the dedicated spots for your usage. The cover also sticks well to your smartphone protecting all four-corners.

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Tempered Glasses

Above was the list of the back covers that shall protect your phone from damage, but who will guard your screen? Phone’s screen is very sensitive and is prone to scratches and dirt.

So, to keep Honor 8 Pro display screen clean, safe and secure, here’s some tempered glass protectors you can choose from:

Tempered Glass Guard by BESTTALK – Buy it from here

Premium Tempered Glass Screen by TheGiftKart – Buy it from here

Premium Tempered Glass by JohraBuy it from here


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