huawei honor ap007 release date

Smartphones have now occupied a place so important in our lives that their company is required 24×7 like any other indispensable commodity of our daily use. A disturbing issue about the highly advanced smartphones of the modern day is their incapability to pose a long battery life, which makes it quite necessary to carry some reliable power source to keep the smartphones charged. The solution to this problem came out with the invention of what we know as a power bank, a portable means to carry power source and charge the smartphone on the go without any difficulties.

huawei honor ap007 review

Lately there have been a lot of additions to the list of power banks which are available for a person to choose from. We have witnessed power banks from Samsung, Mi and almost every other greater brand in the market. And now here is Huawei making its stand in the segment by launching the new power bank Huawei Honor AP007. AP007 is a single pieced device with a power capacity of 13000 mAh. It comes with 2 USB outlets to support charging of 2 devices at the same time. It features intelligent sleep technology and power saving mode to save energy and ensure power optimization.

According to the company, the power bank has already gone through the necessary tests and has cleared them all successfully. Huawei Honor AP007 power bank price in India is INR 1,399 and is now available to be purchased exclusively on the e-commerce portal Flipkart.


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