Huawei sure puts effort making distinct smartphones, but it doesn’t have a clean reputation when it comes to marketing them. Talking about the latest incident, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer solicited 100+ fake reviews for its Mate 10 Pro on Best Buy where the phone is listed for $799.99 and is still in the pre-order phase. As the result of the malpractice, the rating for Mate 10 Pro shot up to an impressive 4.9.

So, how did Huawei manage 100+ positive reviews for a product that still isn’t available to buyers? The company offered its fans a chance to be ‘beta testers’ of the phone in exchange for a positive review on Best Buy. This was done via a private Facebook group that has over 60,000 members.

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If you actually go through the reviews, you will find some pretty funny and weird stuff there, making it amply clear that the reviews aren’t genuine.

9to5 Google, who first spotted the inconsistency, notes that majority of Fake reviews went up after Huawei’s Facebook page listing. As the screenshots above point out, 9 users were indeed selected and offered free phones.

It could be possible that Huawei’s tactics extend to other e-commerce platforms like Amazon even when they aren’t this obvious. Perhaps other OEMs resort to such practices too. The takeaway here is that you should think twice before you base your buying decision on a product review. Especially for a Huawei product.

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