Freecharge users can now transfer or request money from their friends directly using WhatsApp. This feature, however, will be available only for Android users. Here is how it works.


Step 1: Go to Freecharge on WhatsApp from Freecharge menu.

Step 2: Tap enable to grant accessibility permission to Freecharge app.

Step 3: Open WhatsApp chat window for the contact with whom you wish to exchange money.

Step 4: Type amount followed by FC, for example 100FC or 5FC.

Step 5:  A freecharge pop-up will ask you if you need to send or request money. Tap on the appropriate option.

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That’s it. The exchange will work via SMS even if the other contact hasn’t enabled Freecharge on WhatsApp. Requesting and sending money was always an option on freecharge, but with Whatsapp integration it is expected to gain traction among youngsters.

Thrilled with this new initiative by Freechargers, Govind Rajan, COO, Freecharge said, “Social payments is a key pillar for a great customer experience and a stepping stone to building habit commerce. Today, we have taken social payments to the next level by enabling consumers to pay via social platforms like WhatsApp. We are confident that this step will make digital payments a part of daily life of Indians and Freecharge will be at the heart of it as the Payments Operating System for a Digital India.”


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