Which app is pushing pop-up ads on my Android phone? This is a question we get frequently from Android users. There are quite a few malware-ridden apps on the Play store that don’t judiciously use system resources. And since the pop-up ads don’t often name the app that’s responsible, zeroing in on the culprit can be a tad annoying. Here are a few things that you can do.

How to detect apps that are pushing Multiple ads on your phone

Here is how you should approach the issue

1. Check Recently Installed apps

If you recently downloaded a few apps for a specific purpose, say, if you were looking through a few stop-watch or timer apps and ended up installing 4 to 5 of these. Or if you have a kid at home who keeps installing random game apps on your phone, You can start with uninstalling the extras that you don’t need.

Now, for the ones you keep and you suspect, head to the Google Play Store page of the app, and check for reviews. If other users are facing similar issues, just uninstall.

2. Identify rogue apps from Notifications

If an App is as generous with ads, it must also be hogging your notification shade. So, if you see an add or suggestion in the Notification shade that shouldn’t be there, just long press the notification and you will see the name of the app pushing the notification.

Now that you have the name of the app, just uninstall the app that pushed the notification.

If it was a rogue app misbehaving, there are good changes that your issue will be resolved after this step. If it’s an app that you use and one that bothering you with notifications only, you can try turning off notifications for the same as well

3. Install Ad-detector apps

If the above steps fail to work, you will have to rely on Ad-detector apps to smoke out the adware. You can try apps like Addons Detector and Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus. These are good tools for narrowing down on adware files or unknown apps that might be installed on your phone.


How to detect app that’s pushing ads on my phone?

These are some of the methods you can use to narrow on shaddy apps pushing pop-up ads. If nothing works, you might have to resolve to a factory data reset to resolve the issue. You can avoid malware by being careful about the apps you install to your phone, especially unreliable games or lesser known apps that you install for specific purposes. You should also check for “Verified by Play Protect” label before installing apps from Play Store.


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