Xiaomi recently introduced its Mi LED bulb in India, crowdsourced on its Mi store. Like everything Xiaomi, the Mi LED bulb has an aggressive price which makes it ideal for people who are experimenting with the smart home concept for the first time.

Mi LED bulb doesn’t require a separate hub to operate and can be controlled using Google Assistant or Alexa on your phone or on other smart home speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home. In case you have already bought the Mi LED smart bulb, here’s how you can pair it with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Note: You will first need to have Mi Home on your phone and link it to Assistant or Alexa via Mi account.

How to connect Mi Smart LED bulb to Google Assistant

Once you have set up Mi Smart LED bulb via Mi Home app and ensured that the bulb is online, Just follow these simple steps:


Step 1: Open Google Home app and tap on Add button.

Step 2: Now select “Set up device” and then choose “Have something already set up”.

Step 3: In the next menu, search or scroll down to Mi Home and link your account.

Now go back to the home page or dashboard and you will notice the Mi Light Bulb added to the list of devices. You can now use Ok Google prompts to turn the LED Bulb on or off or to change colors.

How to connect Mi Smart LED bulb to Amazon Alexa

To sync MI LED smart bulb with Alexa, you will have to enable Mi Home skill. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Open Amazon Alexa app and select the skills and games from the side menu.

Step 2: Search for Mi Home skill and enable it. This requires you to sign in and link your Mi account.

Step 3: Now tap on Discover devices. If you miss the prompt, you can also manually discover Mi smart light bulb from Add device>> Light >> Others.

Once added, you will be able to control Mi LED smart bulb using simple Alexa voice commands on your phone or other Echo devices.

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Control Mi LED Smart Bulb using Alexa or Google Assistant

Using these simple steps, you can integrate your Mi Smart Bulb in Google or Alexa ecosystem and enjoy a smart home lighting experience for a very reasonable price, without investing in a separate hub. The steps are also relevant if you wish to add link other Mi smart home products linked to your Mi Home account.



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