Earlier when Google confirmed that new Android N will feature Launcher shortcuts on pressure sensitive displays, It was widely speculated that this was the answer to Apple’s Force Touch display.

Google had confirmed that its launcher shortcuts will work on pressure sensitive displays, which meant developers could make apps and games (which uses 3D touch) on the devices which will be compatible with it.

We had expected to see Force touch later this year in Huawei’s Nexus 7P (if the filed patents work out for Huawei) or in HTC made Nexus (because it is going to make at least one of the Nexus versions this year), but , sadly, this might take a little longer than anticipated.

3d touch coming to Android

Re/Code’s latest report suggests that pressure sensitive technology feature will not be a part of the initial Android N release. This technology (force/3D touch) right now is mainly constricted to IPhone 6s and IPhone 6S plus (here, Huawei Mate S or Vernee Apollo etc. don’t count). However, Re/Code further states that search giant is still working on developing the feature and it shall be showcased at the upcoming I/O conference next week, and this feature could be later added to Android N through an OTA (Over-the-air) update

This feature (Google refers to it as “dynamic” shortcuts) when introduced will interact with applications such as Camera, Mail, Music etc. on the basis pressure sensitivity of the display.

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