Multinational tech company Google seems to have hit a rough patch after various major companies in the US too pulled out their advertisements from YouTube, thus expanding the extremist content row across the Atlantic.

The video-sharing website found itself to be the crux of a furore when it was discovered that the content of the major brands was appearing next to some videos showing hate speeches and/or promoting extremist behavior.

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The list of companies in the US who have pulled out their advertisements from YouTube includes the likes of GSK, Pepsi, Walmart and Johnson & Johnson.


American telecom service provider was also amongst the companies and found its content being present alongside videos featuring Pakistani as well as Egyptian clerics (both guilty of extremism).

In wake of the exit of more than a few of its major advertising clients, Google has decided to admit to its folly and promised to make amends on that front.

Moreover, the American company issued an apology for the same and vowed to give the firms better control over the position(s) of their ads.


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The massive pullout from YouTube started from Europe following an investigation by the The Times (UK) and followed over to American shores after more companies were drawn into the controversy.

However, there has been little to no impact of the controversy in the country.

Although YouTube is primarily a video-sharing forum, it has, in fact, turned into an advertising medium, much like Google’s search engine and Facebook’s social networking.

This puts Google in quite a quandary as YouTube now has damage in both revenue as well as reputation to deal with.


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