Google is trying to simplify your vacation planning to a hassle free experience. The search engine giant is rolling out a new feature “Google Destinations” to help users
make their vacation plan, book tickets and make hotel reservations using their phone without paying extra money to brokers and travel agents.


Still confused about Google Destination? No, it’s not a new travel and tour website set up by California based Mountain view giant. It’s a new feature which it introduced within its search engine. Using this feature is fairly simple. Simply enter (either by typing or voice command) the name of the city, country, or continent you would like to visit followed by the word ‘Vacation’ or ‘Destination’. That’s it. This will trigger ‘Google Destinations’ algorithm to provide you vacation destinations with hotel and flight ticket prices. Destinations_on_Google_5_030816 (1)

Once a user has made up his mind, Google helps him plan his Trip by showcasing available modes to travel with cheapest airfares and accommodation. Google allow a user to cap their travel and hotel budget as per his pocket permits. As you move along Google keeps you updated with real time updates about flights and hotel fares.

With this new innovative search trip planner, Google has also solved one of the tricky part of vacation planning i.e exactly how long to spend in each place, where to visit next and the distance between two places of interest. Google with its unique algorithm generates an itinerary for users.


It also suggests users when is the best time to visit, weather update with stats. Google also suggest users to visit nearby and local tourist places.Currently, this intriguing feature is only available on smartphones.
Google claims that it registered a 50 percent hike in travel searches on smartphones in last year which led to this creation of this feature. Currently, it covers only 201 cities worldwide. Destinations on Google only covers major metropolitan Indian cities and tourist attraction places as of now. We hope Google add more towns and cities in its ‘Destination’ radar.

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