If you are using a Xaiomi mobile phone there’s a chance that your contact app is going berserk mixing or merging contacts on its own. Several Xiaomi users have reported the issue over the last few weeks. Manu Kumar Jain, Xiaomi VP, also acknowledged the contacts incorrectly merging issue in a tweet and held third-party apps responsible for it.

Xiaomi also claims that the issue isn’t restricted only to Xiaomi phones and affects all branded phones. This is something we are inclined to believe having faced the similar issue on one of our Moto devices.

“Mi Fans, we’re aware of an issue affecting some users, relating to contacts incorrectly merging. After our internal investigation, we’ve found that this is a 3rd party issue.” Manu Jain tweeted.

The company has held an internal investigation and found apps like WhatsApp and Truecaller are responsible for the Contact Merging issues. To provide interim relief to its user, Xiaomi has come up with a quick fix before it comes up with a permanent solution.

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Steps to fix Merge Contact issue in Xiaomi phones:

Firstly, you have to download ‘Contact Corrector’ APK from this link, give it necessary permissions and install it.

Once the installation process is over, launch the app and tap on the ‘check’.

Now, select automatically remove wrong data to fix your contacts.

If in case, above method doesn’t work for you in that case you can try this alternate method to fix Xiaomi contact merge issue.

  • First, Create a WhatsApp backup data (Whatsapp – setting – chats – backup)
  • Once back up is done, uninstall and re-install WhatApp.
  • Next, go to WhatsApp Setting > sync > disable Whatsapp sync.

This should fix the issue. However, if it doesn’t, repeat the above steps with truecaller app.

Fix Merge Contact Issue on Xiaomi and Other Phones

The Contact Corrector app will not work on non-Xiaomi phones. On such phones, you can use Google contacts to remove duplicate contacts. Then remove Paytm, Truecaller, Whatsapp, and other contacts from your contact list.

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