As teased, nCore Games has released the FAU-G (Fearless And United-Guards) game on the occasion of India’s 72nd Republic Day. The game is currently available for free via Google Play Store for Android handsets. iPhone users will have to wait a while, it seems.

The anticipation for the game was evident from it being the most pre-registered game on the Play Store. Akshay Kumar, who is the game’s brand ambassador has announced the game’s debut via his social media channels.

FAU-G Gameplay

As you may already know, the game is set in Galwan Valley and the storyline centers around the skirmish that took place between Indian and Chinese troops last year.

At present, you get to play Campaign mode which involves hand-to-hand combat. Team Deathmatch Mode has also arrived. And Free For All (battle royale) mode should be coming soon.

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By default, the graphics will be set in Medium, but feel free to crank it up a notch to Higher settings.

The Campaign mode starts with a brief visual plus voice narration of the Galwan incident. And at various checkpoints, the narration resumes piquing the spirit of the players.

There is no option to set the difficulty level and although at first, the NPC characters seem dumb and inactive, with passing stages, their responses become challenging. The main character’s combat moves are a little stiff and repetitive though.

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You can see your health bar dropping with each attack you bear. And to replenish your energy, just sit next to a bonfire found at every few turns. This might appear slightly unintuitive as it breaks the flow of our movement.

You get to pick the opponents’ weapons post defeating them. You have to keep on attacking the enemy until they fall as there is no indicator of their health. Notably, there is no visible bloodshed. So, the game should be enjoyable without being gruesome for young gamers.

That’s if you like the rest of the gameplay. Find the FAU-G download link below. And once you download and play it, let us know about your experience down in the comments. The file size is around 500MB. It is supported on Android 8.0 Oreo or higher devices.

FAU-G | Google Play Store | Download FAUG TDM Mode


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