All upcoming Apple’s smartphones, starting from iPhone 8, may support a Bezel-less display and a face-recognition feature. The reports were made public by a tweet of an iOS developer, who posted the pics of code extracted from HomePod firmware to substantiate these claims.

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The codes not only states how the LED lights on the top will work on the HomePod but also gave away some details of the specs Apple may feature on its upcoming smartphones.

The iPhone 8 will allegedly be the first apple phone to support a facial recognition feature. It was stated in the code lines referred to ‘BKFaceDetect,’ where BK probably refers to Biometric Kit, and where Kit often relates to developer tools.

The facial recognition feature will unlock your iPhone 8 via face read – similar to what Samsung offers with its Galaxy S8 series. But, the upcoming iPhone will rely on an infrared sensor to do so, which means that it shall be able to read your face even in low light.

Talking about phone’s look, a rough sketch of iPhone 8 revealed that it will have an end-to-end display that wraps around the speaker and the camera on the top. This could also mean that Apple may ditch its trademark home button on the front which the existing apple users will need some getting used to. Apple may shift touch ID to the rear or to the side frame of the phone.

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With iPhone 8 release expected to be done by the end of the year, such revelation by Apple prior to the launch of the product is a bit surprising. In the past, Apple has always kept the specs of its upcoming smartphone under the drapes until the very last moment.


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