Dyson India has launched their Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic Air Purifier in India priced at Rs. 61,990. The Air Purifier is similar to Dyson Pure Hot +Cool and can additionally remove formaldehyde fumes from the air by converting it to carbon dioxide and water.

“Formaldehyde is 500 times smaller than PM0.1, and it is particularly difficult to capture. Our chemist team has been searching for various methods to solve this problem since 2016. We have tested more than 20 different catalysts before identifying Cryptomelane. Our obsessive approach to engineering has led us to take a different approach,” said Dr Nathan Brown, Head of Research for Environmental Control

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According to Dyson, their new Dyson Cryptomic technology has a unique catalytic coating, with the same structure as the Cryptomelane mineral. Its billions of atom-sized tunnels are the optimal size and shape to trap and destroy formaldehyde, breaking it down into tiny amounts of water and CO2. The YouTube video makes this a little easier to understand

Other than Cryptomic technology, the new air purifier remains similar to Dyson Pure + Cool. The Purifier can capture PM2.5, PM10, VOCs, and NO2 and has air multiplier technology to evenly and effectively circulate both hot and cool air in a room.

Price and Availability

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic is available in White-Gold color on Amazon.in for Rs. 61,990.


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