Creo – the makers of Teewee, has posted a catchy teaser video of its first smartphone Mark 1 on its official social media handle. The company hasn’t revealed anything about hardware specifications but the tag line – ‘A new phone, every month’ implies monthly software updates.

As per the video, the Mark 1 smartphone appears to flaunt a curved metallic frame, a large display (probably 4.6-inch) and a glass back. The base software is Android Lollipop, but the company says it want’s to make Android better, which is another phrase for customized skin on top.

Image 8

The company claims to focus on transforming the Android experience and not its look and feel. Creo promises monthly update with new features which don’t exist in Android ecosystem. As per the rumors, the company is scheduled to launch this in the first half of this year.

Cero successfully raised $3M (converts to Rs. 20.4 crores approx.) funding in January 2016. Its core team at Cero consists a bunch of 70 engineers (who call themselves Android fans) with a mission to make Android smartphones better.

“At CREO, we’re committed to #MakeBetter Android. And because we want to leave no stone unturned, we’re building both, the Operating System and the Smartphone. With our OS, we’ll send you relevant updates that’ll keep your phone running just as new as the first time you held it. And not just that, we’ll also ship a big new feature with every update.”

For now, enjoy the teaser video below



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