Chinese smartphone maker, Coolpad has filed a court case against Xiaomi over patent disputes. The firm also asked Xiaomi to immediately stop production or offering for sale and current sale of some of its smartphone models, including Mi Mix 2 and Redmi Note 3.

Coolpad said in a press statement that its subsidiary, Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific (Shenzhen), filed a lawsuit against Xiaomi Telecom Technology Co, Xiaomi Technology Co, and Xiaomi Factory Co in a court in Jiangsu province for using its patent without authorization.

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Patent Dispute

The complaint alleges that Xiaomi has violated its patented multi-SIM card design and other technologies related to user interface. Coolpad also requested the court to order Xiaomi to “compensate it for losses due to the infringement.

“It is because the IP (intellectual property) protection environment in China improved that Coolpad launched the lawsuit in January this year,” Coolpad’s global chief patent officer Nancy Zhang told a press conference on Friday.

She further added that ”Since 2014, Coolpad has repeatedly sent warning letters to Xiaomi, stating that the mobile phone it sold was suspected of infringing on Coolpad’s patent rights and proposed friendly negotiation, but did not receive a response. In desperation, Coolpad could only seek redress through legal channels.”

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The case comes at a time when Xiaomi has filed its IPO in China that aims to raise $10 billion in a sale, thus valuing the company’s overall value at $100 billion. This would make it the biggest IPO since Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba’s $21.8 billion IPO in 2014 on the New York Stock Exchange.


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