Realme Watch 3 teased officially on Twitter ahead of its July 18 launch

The launch of OnePlus 10T is around the corner, and the company has already dropped some crucial details. However, we can say that the revealed information is a major turn-off. The OnePlus 10T is going to miss out on the alert slider and the Hasselblad branding for the rear camera system.

We already were the first ones to reveal that the upcoming device will not have an alert slider. And now it seems like we were right.

In a report by The Verge, it has been confirmed by OnePlus Chief designer Hope Liu that the device will not have an alert slider. The reason mentioned behind the same is that the company wanted to create internal space for perspectives like high charging wattage, a bigger battery, and an enhanced antenna signal.


To dive further into the same, OnePlus will be providing two charging pumps to give 150W charging support. Moreover, the brand will also include 15 antennas in the smartphone. We can say that these features are going to enhance the performance but are not as worthy as removing the signature alert slider from a flagship one.

As for the removal of Hasselblad branding, Hope Liu said that it was a step taken to offer the device at the company’s chosen price point, which was getting affected by the inclusion of Hasselblad.

Is OnePlus headed in the wrong direction?

Well, If it’s something that can categorize as an honest opinion, then yes. It seems like OnePlus is unable to figure out what it is supposed to do with flagships and mid-ranger. One thing which is quite clear here is that the diversification strategy of OnePlus (trying their hands on all price segments) has almost killed the brand value.

Apart from that, the alert slider has always served as a premium feature for the brand. Firstly, the OnePlus 10R became the victim of the experiments of the company, and now it is OnePlus 10T. Speculations are that the device will have other decent specifications for sure. But, the harsh truth is that nothing can cover up for the alert slider.


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