BH Series Number Plate: Pros, Cons, Eligibility, Cost, Registration, and Is It Worth the Switch?

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In a forward-thinking move back in August 2021, the central government introduced a practical solution for those individuals who often find themselves relocating due to their jobs. This solution came in the form of the BH series number plate, a game-changer aimed at simplifying the process of vehicle registration when moving to a new state. In this article, we’ll delve into the distinct features of the BH number plate, its merits, demerits, and the step-by-step process for acquiring one.

What Is BH Number?

In India, a significant portion of the population holds jobs that require them to frequently shift from one state to another. In these situations, vehicle owners are faced with the cumbersome task of re-registering their vehicles in each new state they relocate to, along with the associated road tax payments.

To simplify this intricate process, the central government introduced the BH series number plate in September 2021. This innovative solution is a boon for individuals with transferable jobs, allowing them to register their new vehicles with this specialized series. With BH series number plates, they can seamlessly travel across the country without the need for multiple re-registrations, as these plates hold nationwide validity, unlike regular number plates.

Eligibility For BH Number Plate

  • Individuals eligible for BH series number plates include government employees at both the central and state levels.
  • This special number plate is also available for employees of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) like BHEL, ONGC, BSNL, and similar organizations.
  • BH series number plates cater to the needs of defense personnel, allowing them a convenient registration option.
  • Furthermore, individuals working for companies with a presence in a minimum of four different states or Union Territories (UTs) are eligible to apply for BH series number plates.

How To Apply For BH Number

If you meet the eligibility criteria for obtaining a BH series number plate, you can easily acquire one for your new vehicle by following a straightforward procedure. Here’s how:

  • Government Employees: If you are a government employee, provide a copy of your official ID card.
  • Private Employees: For private employees, you will need to submit a working certificate in Form 60.
  • Submit Documentation: Present the required documentation to your vehicle dealer.
  • Application: Your dealer will then initiate the application process to secure a registration number for your car.
  • Allotment: In a few days, you will receive an allotted registration number for your vehicle.
  • Installation: Once you take delivery of your car, you can have the BH series number plate installed by the dealership.

Here’s How To Decode BH Number

Typically, standard Indian number plates follow a specific format: they begin with a two-letter code representing the state, followed by a 2-digit RTO (Regional Transport Office) code indicating the area, then two random letters, and finally, four random numbers. Moreover, individuals have the option to bid for their preferred last four numbers.

A regular number plate, for instance, might look like this: MH 01 AA 1111, where “MH” represents the state code, “01” is the RTO code, “AA” signifies the random letters, and “1111” is the randomly assigned set of numbers.

In contrast, the BH series number plate takes a different approach. It starts with the first two numbers, which denote the year of registration—in this case, 2022. Following that is “BH,” signifying “Bharat” or India. Afterward, you’ll find four computer-generated random numbers, and finally, two random alphabetic characters (excluding ‘I’ and ‘O’).

So, a BH series number plate might appear like this: 22 BH 1111 AA, where “22” indicates the year, “BH” represents India, “1111” are the random numbers, and “AA” signifies the random letters.

BH Number Pros And Cons

Pros of BH Series Number PlateCons of BH Series Number Plate
– Offers hassle-free nationwide vehicle ownership– Not applicable for older or commercial vehicles
– Features a lower upfront cost– The periodic submission of road tax may be time-consuming
– Provides a reduction in road tax– No option to select a preferred number, as it’s computer-generated

BH Number Application Fee

The application fee for a BH series number plate is determined by the price of the vehicle in the following manner:

For vehicles priced below Rs 10 lakhs, the applicant is required to pay an application fee equal to eight percent of the vehicle’s price.

Vehicles with a price ranging between Rs 10 and Rs 20 lakhs will have a 10% application fee.

If the vehicle’s price exceeds Rs 20 lakhs, the owner will be required to pay a 12% application fee to obtain a BH series number plate.

In the year 2023, there will be a change in the initial digits of the BH series number plate, moving from ’22’ to ’23’. This alteration will likely involve the introduction of a fresh set of computer-generated numbers, ensuring that previously used combinations are not recycled. A similar adjustment may also be made to the two random numbers at the end of the number plate, with the ongoing exclusion of ‘I’ and ‘O’.

Individuals who own a BH-series registered vehicle can facilitate its sale to a buyer with ease. In such a case, the buyer will need to initiate the registration process at their local Regional Transport Office (RTO) to acquire a regional registration number for the vehicle.

Conversely, individuals interested in purchasing a BH-series registered vehicle can do so and subsequently arrange for the re-registration of the vehicle at their respective regional RTO office. This process ensures the smooth transfer of ownership for BH-series registered vehicles.

How To Register Old Car With BH Number?

Certainly, if an individual who already owns a car with a regional registration plate becomes eligible for a BH series number plate and wishes to re-register with a BH number plate, they can follow these steps:

1. Fill out Form No. 27(A), the designated form for this purpose.

2. Submit the completed form to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in the same state where the vehicle is registered.

By following this process, eligible individuals can transition from a regional registration plate to a BH series number plate, allowing them to enjoy the benefits associated with BH series registration.

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