Mobile accessories leader, Belkin, announced the launch of a 3.5mm Audio Cable having ‘Lightning Connector’ that allows Apple phones to be connected directly to the stereo system of the car or to home speakers by the means of a single cable. According to Belkin, the audio cable yields quality audio by the mechanism of converting the incoming digital signals to an analog out. From the beginning, Belkin has been building its business primarily around audio accessories in the form of cassette, FM radio device, Bluetooth, digital audio etc. Belkin’s growing market presence has taken its nearly 30-year audio legacy into the digital age.

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  • In-built digital to analog converter that gives out refined audio upto 6 ft distance, can be used for hearing music in various environments.
  • The cable holds MFi-certification, and is completely compatible with iOS devices.

The new cable combines Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar and 3.5mm Audio + Charge RockStar to increase Belkin’s might in digital audio products and further strengthens the company’s ambition to connect with people on the technological realm.

Belkin has been manufacturing audio devices for roundabout past 30 years. The company’s first launch were simple stereo cables, and thereafter the firm has successfully sold 55M plus audio accessories till date.

Speaking about the newly launched audio cables, Melody Saffery, senior director for product development at Belkin said“Bringing our audio legacy into the digital realm is a natural progression of Belkin’s mission to connect people to the experiences they love most…most of us are music lovers, and the ability to work on technology that can make other music lovers’ lives more fulfilling, better and more connected, inspires our teams to continue innovating.”

Belkin digital audio Price

  • Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Cable 6 ft for INR 2999
  • 5mm Audio + Charge RockStar for INR4999
  • Lightning Audio + Charge RockStarINR for 4999


The new Audio Cable with Lightning Connector is now out in the market for purchase and can be obtained from Amazon or Apple store.

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  1. I have been using Belkin products from a long time and I must say that they are very reliable. I think the audio cable is also good as I have seen good reviews on the internet.For more go to opera support number


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