Apple to introduce ‘lockdown mode’ to thwart extreme cyberattacks like Pegasus

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  • Apple will soon introduce a new feature called “Lockdown Mode” to prevent cyberattacks such as NSO Group’s Pegasus on Apple devices.
  • Apple recorded instances of cyberattacks using spyware to do surveillance on users across 150 countries and thus, decided to up its game against such practices with the lockdown mode that prevents such attempts using various methods.
  • The feature is already available for developers as a beta version and will be released for normal users sometime this fall free of cost.

Although most Apple users have always regarded their Apple products as a status symbol, Apple has marketed itself as a privacy-focused device. For ages, Apple has resisted claims from law enforcement agencies across the globe to breach someone’s privacy, and now, it is taking it a step further. Apple will soon roll out a new feature called the ‘Lockdown Mode’ designed to thwart even the brutal hacking attempts including the infamous NSO Group’s Pegasus.

Apple to unleash the ‘Lockdown Mode’ this fall

Apple has been a staple of security and privacy to its customers and the thing has stayed more than a decade since the first Apple iPhone was released the same applies to Mac and other devices. With the latest feature, Apple will send out “Lockdown Mode” on iPhones, Mac, and iPads thereby executing extreme resistance against any intruder or spyware threats such as Pegasus.

Apple to introduce 'lockdown mode' to thwart extreme cyberattacks like Pegasus

Unlike viruses and ransomware, spyware such as Pegasus is used to intelligent surveillance users and collect data that can be used for countless reasons such as monitoring someone’s movements on their devices. With the Lockdown Mode engaged, the devices no longer show attachments, link previews, web browsing technologies that can be potentially hacked as well as any incoming FaceTime calls that might put users in danger of inviting spyware to get control of the host device.

The feature is currently being rolled out as a beta version on iOS 16, macOS Ventura, and iPadOS 16 available for testing purposes. Its wide release is scheduled sometime this fall, probably around the same time the iPhone 14 series is released.

Apple has made it public that although brutal hacking attempts on its devices affect a rare number of users, it has been encountered in 150 countries. According to Ivan Krstic, Apple’s head of security engineering and architecture, even if the attacks aren’t targeted at the masses (and only a rare number of devices are affected), Apple will continue to work to strengthen its stand against such attempts.

Apple has always pledged to update the Lockdown mode from time to time to fortify it against the ever-changing world of cyber attacks. For now, what you need to know is that once the Lockdown Mode is engaged, you can no longer see any link previews and the system will prevent users from pairing any accessory unless the phone isn’t unlocked.

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