Apple sales are shrinking which could be a major concern for the fans and the whole smartphone market. The Counterpoint Reseach’s Market Monitor Service identifies a 20% year-on-year fall in Apple’s shipment causing an 8% YoY decline for the global premium segment. The major reason could be the longer replacement cycles for iPhones, as apparently, people are holding on to their iPhones for an extended period of time.

Interestingly, the whole ordeal favored Samsung as it seems that one brand’s trash is another man’s treasure. Galaxy S10 series’ better value proposition helped Samsung to close the gap to Apple in the global premium segment.

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OnePlus is a rare brand that managed to penetrate into the top bracket which has had impressive strides across varied markets.

Huawei also struck a double-digit share in the dense premium market. It even dethroned Apple to become the top player in the premium smartphone market in China. That said, the prevailing US-China trade tensions and the whole Huawei debacle might harm the company’s future prospectives.

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The counterpoint research suggests the sluggish Chinese market as a cause for almost half of the decline in the global premium segment in Q1 2019. In the bigger picture, however, 5G commercialization could drive the global premium segment back onto a track of growth.


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