Apple landed a hefty $19 million fine in Brazil for not including a charger

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Looks like the Cupertino-based giant Apple has attracted another large sum as fines in Brazil where it sells its iPhones. According to a Reuters update, a Brazilian court fined Apple Inc a whopping 100 million reais or $19 million USD as it failed to include a charging adapter on the new iPhones sold in the country. It ordered Apple Inc to include chargers in the new iPhones as well.

Apple Inc slapped with $19 million fine in Brazil

Apple Inc was slapped with yet another fine of an amount of $19 million USD or $100 million reais in Brazil. According to the Sao Paulo state court, the fine was ordered as the tech juggernaut failed to include charging adapters with the purchase of new iPhones. It added that the company performed abusive practices when selling their phones without including a charger.

Apple has argued that its move to not include any charger with the newer iPhones is an attempt towards reducing carbon emissions. On the other hand, the court said that the company is justifying its move in the context of a ‘green initiative’.

The tech giant has also maintained that the move was made since it knew Apple users already have chargers they can reuse on newer iPhones thus, it makes sense to not include a charger. However, it also links to how Apple sells its accessories at a premium price including the charging adapter thereby minting a fortune for a problem that it caused itself.

It isn’t the first time Apple has been slapped with a fine. It previously received a $2.5 million USD fine from the Justice Ministry. Moreover, the company was barred from selling its iPhone 12 and 13 series phones without a charger, however, it has continued to sell anyways. Apple was asked to provide chargers for iPhones sold over a period of two years, however, to no avail.

As usual, it’s not just Apple but Samsung and Google that have followed the wagon by removing the charger from their retail boxes as well.

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