Apple iPhone 15 undergoes teardown and durability tests, and ends up with mixed results

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Apple iPhone 15 undergoes teardown and durability tests, and ends up with mixed results

Apple recently launched the much-anticipated iPhone 15 series which is already breaking record numbers in terms of pre-orders and units sold. Apple promises Ceramic Shield onboard the Pro models along with an all-new Titanium frame that replaces it’s stainless steel frame probably for good, right? Let’s find out as the series underwent teardown and durability tests that’ll give you the answer you are seeking.

iPhone 15 Pro Max fails the durability tests

Okay, we start with the most embarrassing one given the fact that you basically pay $1,199 or INR 1,59,900 for this piece of electronics, and yet, it fails.

I am talking about the almighty iPhone 15 Pro Max that underwent durability tests on the popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. For starters, the Ceramic Shield on top of the display withstands flame for a considerable time with no physical damage. I would argue even the AMOLED panel fails against the Ceramic Shield so yes, that’s a plus point.

Apple is using Grade 5 Titanium on the Pro Max which is expensive, to be honest. It has better resilience than lower grades of Titanium and seems like Apple did a great job using it on the Pro Max. The phone looks sturdy and durable enough to withstand forces. However, the back glass (which is now easily replaceable) shattered almost immediately when Jerry tried to bend the phone screen facing down. Yep, as you can see in the video below, the back glass gave up almost immediately while the front display sustained the forces.

Luckily, repairing the back glass is now cheaper at INR 14,900/- compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max (INR 52,900/-) but that doesn’t mean an expensive phone should fail like that, right? Anyway, the phone was still in the proper functioning state before Jerry ripped it apart to find just how much Titanium the phone was using at the moment.

iPhone 15 Surprised Acing the Durability Test

Pro Max upgraded from stainless steel to Titanium frame which is better in many ways. It is often used in space missions such as Mars Rover. However, the backslash onboard Pro Max isn’t that resilient and simply shattered.

In a not-so but little-so-surprising move, the iPhone 15 withstood the durability test sustaining bends on both front and rear. The phone is steady as a rock which is a good thing since you’ll be paying a hefty sum for this seemingly ‘redesigned’ phone compared to iPhone 14.

On the specs front, the iPhone 15 is using similar specs to the iPhone 14 Pro including the Apple A16 Bionic SoC. The inclusion of Ceramic Shield and Dynamic Island makes the series uniform in some aspects of design. Also, the entire series is using USB-C now but there’s a bit of difference here. The Pro versions use faster USB-C 3.0 with data transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps while the non-Pro models are capped to USB-C 2.0.

Apple iPhone 15 Series made their debut on September 12 followed by pre-orders and the shipping started on September 22. You can read more about the series and how it fairs in real-life tests when pitted against other flagships.

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