Apple launched iPhone 14 Series this month and it’s not even a month since the launch, issues have started cropping up with the Pro model of the device. A few days ago, there were reports about the phone facing serious camera-related issues that caused the camera to shake and make a loud grinding noise, now there’s another one that’s being seen. Users have been complaining that the iPhone 14 Pro model has been randomly restarting while charging.

According to a report by 9to5Max, users are complaining about this battery-related glitch that is causing the phone to restart while charging through Magsafe or Lighting. The first report on this issue was seen on Reddit a week ago, wherein the user wrote- “I just got the iPhone 14 Pro, and ever since I noticed that it restarts while charging. I can’t find anything online and other than that it functions as normal. It does not restart at all while it’s off the charger. Anyone else having similar issues?”

Reportedly, Apple has suggested a few tips and tricks fix this issue. These include full restore from backup with DFU, a full restore from backup with Recovery Mode, disabling optimized charging, or uninstalling the Eufy app, but all these workarounds have given no positive results.

Another user claimed that the issue is seen only when the battery is charging between 90-95%, especially 93%. The only thing that might work is disabling background apps.

One other user wrote-” Restore your device and set it up as new. Test it out. If issues persist consider returning within 14 day return period. It could be Kernel Panic, or it could be just a simple bug.”

Currently, there is no information about how many users are facing this issue and the company too has not released any official statement on the matter. For now, it is unclear what is causing this issue and thus we will have to wait for some time to know more about it.


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